• Some time ago a saw a pdf file one could download and print so one could record one’s moves etc. I didn’t downloaded it when i found it, but this night i needed it, but didn’t have it. So now after alot of searching (dont know what to search for 😞 ) i hope that one of you could post a link with the type of file that i need.

    edit: wanted to add info to increase the chance that someone knows what i’m looking for.

    you’we probably all tried playing a game, and the it’s suddenly late and you have to break up, but there is no clear winnner and you don’t wanna call it a draw becasue you’re convinced that you can win. so you descide to write down the positions of units, cash, research etc, so you can continue… its the pdf file for this situation that i need.

    the pdf file had an overview of all the seazones and landzones in one side and on the other side a list of all the avaliable unit types creating a matrix overview of the total of units. The principle behind it is the same a the sheets chess players use to record every move of the game as far as i know.

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  • In my play group we use a little chart.
    Contains a column for the land name or sea zone number and columns for each type of unit. For each country we use a block of rows and simply write in the number of units. It also contains a little header where we notice IPC on map and hold as cash for each country, and on the border we write which country contains flags.
    After you fill that chart for two or three times you know the short cuts for country names. The chart can be filled within five minutes, and last time we restore the map within ten minutes.

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  • Excellent. it is precisely what i saw some time ago and was searching for. you’re the best.

    i would give you karma +1 but can’t yet i guess

  • I like it too but the tables come up all crazy on that document for me. I tried fiddling to no avail.

  • @TexCapPrezJimmy:

    I like it too but the tables come up all crazy on that document for me. I tried fiddling to no avail.

    I took a look at it in Wordpad and the tables are indeed messed-up.  It seems to load OK in MS Office Word Viewer (and presumably in Word itself, but no guarantees ;)).  If you don’t have Word Viewer, it might be available somewhere in the bowels of microsoft.com, or just try this PDF of the document instead.  I have no connection with the document or its author.

  • Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

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    It opens flawlessly in OpenOffice btw.

    See www.openoffice.org

    HTH 🙂

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