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  • If there are two pieces in a China territory and I have two pieces in each of two adjacent territories, can I move all four of my pieces into the China territory that started with only two pieces in it?

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    Welcome to the forum 🙂

    You are likely referring to the China placement restriction in the Anniversary Ruleset.
    So I have moved your topic from the Website/Forum discussion category to the appropriate forum category, that would be Anniversary. The A&A games have different rulesets including different rules. So it is always good to know about which game we are talking.

    This restriction is not a movement restriction. So yes, you can do that during the Chinese Noncombat Movement Phase.

    In case you meant something totally different or a different game please indicate that.

    HTH 🙂

  • My fellow players seem to think there can never be more than three units total placed in a China region, but the errata seems to indicate that this is not true, so long as there are less than three units in the target region prior to moving units into that region.

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    @Taewakan That is what the FAQ says:

    Q. New Chinese units may not be placed in a territory that already contains three or more units.
    Does the “three or more units” refer to the number that were there before I started placing
    units, or does it include any units I place this turn? In other words, if I already had two units in
    a territory, can I only place one more there, or can I place as many as I want to?
    A. The “three or more units” refers to the number of Chinese units that were in the territory before you started placing units. If there are less than three to start with, you may place any number of your new units there.

    Also the reprinted ruebook has it clear (page 10):

    The U.S. player places the new Chinese units at the same time that the new U.S. units are placed. New units may only be placed on Chinese-controlled territories (including those captured in the current turn) that already contain less than three Chinese units (including the Flying Tigers fighter, see below). Any number of new units may be placed in such a territory regardless of the number already there.

    Again, that is for placing units. The number of moving units is unrestricted.

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    To put it another way, the restriction applies only to placing (mobilizing) new units. It does not apply to moving existing units.

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