1942 sec ed upgrade kit to Zombies ??

  • Hi.
    I already have 1942 second ed.
    Before the migration of the forum, i had read something concerning an upgrade kit of 42 ed. for A&A Zombies.
    I can’t finf it, and i can’t find ANY site where to buy it. Can someone tell me if it really exists ?
    Thnaks a lot !

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    @BananeDC When you buy the A&A&Zombies game, the “upgrade kit” for 1942, 2nd. edition, is included in the game box. There is a set of additional cards and a special setup (that needs an erratum) included.

  • @BananeDC

    Basically there is a second deck of cards in A&A&Z.
    These cover the territories you find on the 1942SE map.
    It is important as the cards determine where the zombies pop up at the beginning of each turn.
    I haven’t looked closely but I assume the tech is the same.
    The zombies and all control markers are needed from A&A&Z. The backs of the country control markers have a zombie so as to denote control.
    In the rules, which are on-line, the set up cards for 1942 SE can be seen/reviewed.
    The zombie dice are needed to use the zombies but the combat dice are chrome to the game. (6 hits zombies in combat)
    If bought on-line, it is a great deal to get a quick game (base) and tools to convert 1942 SE.

    Although, more zombies might be needed if playing 1942 SE as there are only 30 included. (unless your really love using chips 🙂 )

  • @robert-t
    Not sure i understood all correctly (thanks to both of you by the way).
    So, there is no separate upgrade kit, you have to get a A&A Z complete box to play. Too bad 😞
    I have a custom version of A&A 42 with a huge enlarged map (Thanks to Dedo if i remember well). So having a smaller board with no use, and well…And combat dice…And only 30 zombies (i never plays with chips, i hate them).
    I’m not sure it’s worth buying a copy. And i’m pretty sure buying the extra needed stuff at HB will be more expansive than buying a box. Duh. Sad stuff.

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    @BananeDC said in 1942 sec ed upgrade kit to Zombies ??:

    you have to get a A&A Z complete box to pl

    It’s not just the cards that you’ll need from the Axis & Allies & Zombies box but also the dice and the zombie figures. The game is only $40 and the new map is actually gorgeous.

  • @BananeDC

    There are special dice that the zombies use. They have 2 A’s, 1 D and 3 blank sides.
    They are integral to the game and zombies.

    As long as your map has the same territories as the standard 1942 SE OOB map, you are good.

    So, there is no separate kit.
    The game costs $40 roughly. (probably cheaper on-line - think Black Friday/Cyber Monday)
    You get a shorter/faster version of the 1942 SE game for those times when time is tight.
    You get all the things you need to convert your own copy of 1942 SE into a zombie game when you have lots of time to play.

    Zombies are sparse, this is true. There must be some zombie figures from other games which you could buy for cheap.
    spray paint some old figures from previous A&A versions …cough Spring 1942 or A&A classic cough.
    They make a greenish white colour just check your local hobby/craft store.
    They would better represent the dead infantry as well.

    I actually used most of the parts from a Spring 1942 game to bump up quantities in this game. I too hate chips.

  • I dn"t know why i could not reply to my topic (it said it was an old topic, and that i had to reply creating a new one (??).
    Thnks to everyone that replied to me. Anybody knows what woiulf be the perfect number of zombie figures and zombie dice to buy ti HB in order to play without chips please ?
    Thnks !

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    There was an error on the server caused by me. It’s been resolved and I merged the topics back together.

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    @BananeDC said in 1942 sec ed upgrade kit to Zombies ??:

    Anybody knows what woiulf be the perfect number of zombie figures and zombie dice to buy ti HB in order to play without chips please ?

    Have you seen the “Piece Count”-thread?

    As long as no recommendation regarding a “perfect number” is given you can take at least this information as starting point for any considerations…

  • Yes but i meant the case where you don’t use chips. In fact the question is ; are there anough zombie dice and zobie figures to be comfortable without chips. If no , i just need an approxmation, as i have not played the game yet. ☺

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    @BananeDC We played almost an entire game without using chips for the zombies. But in the end we did have to use a few chips. Two sets should be enough if you don’t want to use chips.

  • Thanks !
    So when i buy it, i’ll see that and if needed, some more zombies from HB.
    Btw i have a "bag o’ zombies " from the “Zombies!!!” game, i hope that the scale is ok !

  • @BananeDC

    Zombies are roughly the same size as infantry. A little bigger wouldn’t hurt and might look better.
    Europe is the only area where space is tight, but that is true of all A&A games.

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