AAZ 1942 (second edition) : rules question (inspired by 'Broken, Busted, or Both')

  • Our fellow Axis and Allies player taamvan posted this:

    "Scenario; You’ve just taken Moscow. There are 12 zombies, and you have 3 German tanks.

    Opponent sends in 1 fighter. Zombies cannot hit this plane, but it prompts a Zombies Bite step. The zombies kill the 3 German tanks, but cannot kill the UK plane. Since all the defenders are dead, the plane flies home. During the next “Zombies Control Territories” step (Japan), control of Moscow is lost (>4-5 Zs there) and the Axis do not win. During the next round, they could move more units into Moscow–but the UK will prompt another punt+bunt battle at that time."

    Original posting: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/33797/broken-busted-or-both?page=1

    Now imagine this very situation during a game of Axis and Allies 1942 Second Edition (AAZ1942).

    So a lone UK fighter attacks Moscow. But there is an anti-aircraft there. Then what? If the AA misses of course the very situation is the same.

    But imagine the AA does hit the UK fighter. Then is there still combat in which the Zs also participate?

    Technically I think there is. You place all units on the battleboard. Then Zs fire first. Both against the attacker and the defender. After that the attacker and the defender roll their dice. But first the AA fire is handled. So this happens AFTER the Zs have already fired.

    Still… you can argue that if this lone figher has been shot down that there is no actual combat so the Zs are not triggered.

    Another one for @Krieghund I think…

  • Official Q&A

    There is still combat.

  • @Krieghund said in AAZ 1942 (second edition) : rules question (inspired by 'Broken, Busted, or Both'):

    There is still combat.

    Yes. I agree on this.

    Still I think this is a bit against the spirit (thematically speaking) of the rules…

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