Damaged battleships become coastal bb

  • So I had the thought from hgb’s global war and thought how about when a bb is damaged on its next turn it can go into combat or if it can’t it automatically has to go to the nearest coast line not an island unless it has a naval base and if it can’t reach it or it can’t go to combat then it sinks haven’t tried it out yet just an idea I want to try

  • Doesn’t sound like a good idea because with your idea, a US battleship that takes damage in the middle of the Pacific would need to move to the closest island which would hold it back.

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    Just on a terminology point: a “coastal battleship” is either a pre-dreadnought battleship that was designed from the start to be a cheap, second-rate combat vessel which was never intended to serve in a fleet action on the high seas, or an old battleship which may have been decent in its prime but which is now so obsolescent that it’s been relegated to secondary duties.  The term isn’t related to battle damage.

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    Yes CWO. We have coastal battleships in are 39’game. Can only move 1 sea zone (2) from naval base and has to be next to a land sea zone. Plus for d12 it’s A4 D6 M1. If it has a hit damage values still stay the same.

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