• Does anyone know when the anniversary edition will be re released again? If not does anyone know where to buy it?

  • @jleffler56

    Unfortunately it sold out of retailers a long time ago. You’ll find it on ebay or maybe the marketplace on Board Game Geek, but the prices are usually very high, even for used copies.

    I saw something that may or may not have been a leak listing the versions being released in January, and Anniversary was not on it. (It was 1941, 1942 SE, and Global.)

    I am hoping that either that leak was fake, OR its just a starting point. With the prices Anniversary is going for on the used market, it seems like they’d be crazy not to reprint it.

  • @pizzapete

    Not a leak. Miniatures Market, Noble Knight Games etc have the 1941, 1942, and both 1940 title reprints (under Renegade Games) available for pre-order.

    No word on Anniversary, but that and 1914 are logical reprint choices. Hoping the delay is so they can design additional sculpts for both titles, and make them a true “must-purchase” even for existing owners.

    If Anniversary is the only edition with Pz IV and Valentine tanks, P51 Mustangs etc then it will drive demand - I’m sure that’s one of the considerations for how to release it.

  • It’s now July 2023. Anymore word on a new reprint of Anniversary Edition?

  • @KnowMad IIRC the next major Anniversary is next year in 2024 so maybe it will be released then.

    IMO, 1942SE should be deprecated in favor of 1942 Third Edition which should be Anniversary Ed with some of the updated rules for AAA guns, etc. But that’s just my opinion; only Renegade knows what is in store for A&A.

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