• Does anyone know when the anniversary edition will be re released again? If not does anyone know where to buy it?

  • @jleffler56

    Unfortunately it sold out of retailers a long time ago. You’ll find it on ebay or maybe the marketplace on Board Game Geek, but the prices are usually very high, even for used copies.

    I saw something that may or may not have been a leak listing the versions being released in January, and Anniversary was not on it. (It was 1941, 1942 SE, and Global.)

    I am hoping that either that leak was fake, OR its just a starting point. With the prices Anniversary is going for on the used market, it seems like they’d be crazy not to reprint it.

  • @pizzapete

    Not a leak. Miniatures Market, Noble Knight Games etc have the 1941, 1942, and both 1940 title reprints (under Renegade Games) available for pre-order.

    No word on Anniversary, but that and 1914 are logical reprint choices. Hoping the delay is so they can design additional sculpts for both titles, and make them a true “must-purchase” even for existing owners.

    If Anniversary is the only edition with Pz IV and Valentine tanks, P51 Mustangs etc then it will drive demand - I’m sure that’s one of the considerations for how to release it.

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