Another attempt at an Allied playbook.

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    if no g2, this has elements that keep the enemy guessing. again aggression in defense.

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    It’s better to stack Vyborg than Karelia if the German TT is in SZ112. Otherwise amphibious troops can attack - cruiser can block Vyborg.

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    I like the variation on a theme. My only question would be, do we want those amphibious troops attacking? We might. Any activity not directed toward Moscow is a win?! But I will try that next time.

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    Why would you trap so many of your forces west of the line? Once Germany can take Belarus the slow movers to the left of that line are toast. That’s why a concerted defense of Leningrad will usually fail

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    Normally my only time I send Russians North is a limited set of circumstances

    1. mechanized Russians
    2. .I’m playing balanced mod or some non-vanilla option
    3. Germany is more spread out, so you can pick off some smaller groups to try and slow them down. So… sending 5 mechs or whatever to kill the Germans in Karaelia is an even trade IF I have even 1 Russian mech left that can take Finland next turn AND kills a stack.

    Of course, I just tried this move in a game, had fantastically bad rolls, only killed like 3 of the 8 German infantry I was after and even lost a precious Russian plane

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    This is out of box. Several reasons this works for me. I’m sending units there. Most German players counter with a major offensive. Any major offensive detracts from Moscow and thus buys me time. Success brings a significant IPC swing. It also provides a base for Allied planes and ships. If Nov falls, it opens another front as the infantry turn and make their way back.

    I do it, and it’s working for me. Can one of you, Taamvan or weddingsinger, post your perfect maps for Rus t1 and t2. Fair warning, I’m anti-turtling.

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    @crockett36 the Problem with a Leningrad stack is, that these units are missing on the defence for mosqwa.
    Also they would be taken out with minimal losses for Germany by the units allready in Scandinavia, Luftwaffe and maybe one loaded TT.

    No distraction for Germany, actually a gain bc they don’t have to fight them in the end battle for moscow.

    In our game you left the Leningrad units to die and the white Russia stack.

    A loss wich you can’t compensate in the long run.

    Does your idea work?
    Ya, of course. But probably one time only.
    So this strategy will def. not be a solid or guiding strategy for an overall Allied playbook.

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    @crockett36 The perfect map is way simpler than you’re making it–it sticks a gigantic slow force into bryansk and/or belarus, with the fast movers 1 space behind it so they can go into any attack.

    Still no matter how you boil it down or what you buy if the Germans stack correctly, all that ends up happening is that you back down and give up ground. There are 2 reasons–1) the italians can open the way for the Germans to hit the stack with all their fast movers 2) even if you have a somewhat favorable attack, that puts you all the closer to the German second line and whatever survives gets wiped so its a one-shot

    Besides some cadgy preparation with an eye to turtling up eventually, other Russian actions (preemtive counterattacks) tend to be counterproductive and actually cost you time and position. That’s why I keep arguing for a small increase in Russian striking power which can be used in a variety of ways across the whole game…that still wont make Germany afraid to stack and walk up to moscow

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    @taamvan Yeah, if you’d like to play, let’s play. In my last three games after I came up with this strategy it’s working. It’s tight, but it’s working. The Russians try and match the Germans man for man, tank for tank with British planes to bolster defenses. The only challenge has been a guy who’s done this infantry march, but he did a G2,J3. So Japan is doing a Moscow crush, not a Bombay or Hawaii press. Call me a heretic or fool, but I want options in the north, a stone in the Huns shoe.

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    @crockett36 The capital. Protect the capital. Any other strategy that earns money hands it to the german player.

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    Did you do the battle calculator? The capitol is safe.

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    His Capitol is in more danger than Moscow.

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    I took a look at the opening post. Although I do not agree with all points, it sounds quite solid in general and can function as some good common sense and/or as rule of thumbs for less experienced players.

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