• I am thrilled that there’s a great online version of this game (triplea)! However it’s not taken long to see that the Axis are heavily favored in this version. The British got utterly screwed on their navy size and the Japanese have a ridiculous number of planes to start the game. What is the current allied bid in ftf games that balances that out? It must be high…

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    I think about 40 seems common, depends on the skill of the Axis player. When I started I was struggling against bids of 20 or less as I didn’t know how to take advantage of the Axis position. There was a game recently between to high quality players where the Allies had +58 and the Axis still won (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/37850/l22-andrewaagamer-x-vs-karl7-l-58-oob/124).

    You could check out the league we have on this website (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/category/29/league) It has a wide range of players, from the elite to the cannon fodder like myself. It’s as simple as posting a request for a game here to get started (https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/30809/find-league-opponents-thread/1154) you’ll definately find an opponent.

    There are three TripleA maps played in the league:

    The games are competitive but friendly and full of advice and dicussions on tactics.

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    Remove 1 japanese air pair from manchuria then. Its a simpler fix than bidding, it doesnt weaken them very much and japan usually has plenty of planes to send to each battle (we call it the sprinkle, overkill).

    The benefit of this tweak is that the japan is weaker vis the USA when you are building up your stand-off fleets and that’s where it forces Japan to adapt and defend

  • TripleaA lobby is seeing a lot of bids between 16-24 on average? In LL I agree with what’s been said, I really am starting to come to the conclusion that even mid-20s makes it a very tough match for Allies. I am not surprised the league is going higher than that. But I really do think you need to guage the skill level of your opponent. If you get a newbie in your triplea lobby, maybe cut them a break. It’s the somewhat experienced guys that always throw me, strong for about 3-5 rounds but then don’t really have any mid-game strategy experieince. It’s hard to know how much to bid in those cases too.

    But anyway, back to what units are getting bought: Subs/DDs around the Med for UK. Sometimes fighters for UK (Scotland, Malta). Other threads have answered this question as well, from recent memory: Inf in Yunnan for example, and ground units in africa.

    Less often variations: Russia bomber, UK transport in South Africa. UK sub in Malaya. I’ve also seen Subs in the north atlantic.

    Some people dump a bunch of ground units in Russia. Whether or not that actually does anything I doubt.

    I am also going to take this opportunity to plug this thread about Bids and bid rules: https://www.axisandallies.org/forums/topic/35874/allied-bids-what-are-the-common-rules-on-placement … I do so to personally recommend not allowing facilities for bids.

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