What can i do to avoid being cruhed by the allies?

  • hey dudes, i need some seriuse help, i am playing against my dad and he is the allies while i am the axis. in the first russian move, he nearly crippled germany, and its went downhill ever sence. germeny is in peril, but has an enormose amount of tanks and toops, but so does my dad.russia is picking me off slowly while united kingdom is pounding me, already susseding in captuing western europe. i think i might have finally found a way to break through, and caputure russia, the capitol. i cant retreat to africa because UK  has 2 battleships in the way. but just in case my plan to destroy russia and recapture western europe fails, i need a back-up, any ideas? im despreate. japan is not any bettr off. the fleet has been wiped out by an amacican battleship, and aircraft carrier, which is currently carrying 2 fighters, and i need a trasport to get troops onto the main land were russia is hacking away. the thing is, every time i buy a trasport, the allies destroy it, and i lose money. i was thinking about buying 2 trasports and an industry, but if anyone has a better idea, im flexible. like in germany, i have a last resort plan, were i can maybe, just maybe, take china and a little bit of russia while the russians are distacted by germany. the bottem line,
                                                        I NEED A WAY TO WIN!!!

  • Sounds like you are screwed…… 😄

  • I recommend you first find a good spell check ASAFP.

    Your game sounds pretty much lost, but you may be able to learn something from it if you retrace your steps.  I bet if you explained your opening strategy in detail some of the gurus can help pinpoint where you went wrong.

    What I did want to point out is that if you find yourself in a pinch where you are dropping transports and they are killing them right away is problem solve the situation.  How do you protect a transport?  The answer is to build warships.  You can also drop the transports in a seazone that allows you to scramble fighters.

  • Sometimes games reach a tipping point, where you simply cannot win. The best thing to do when that happens is to take a look at what you could have done better.

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    This game is about economics. You need easy and cheap victories, while giving none yourself. Don’t buy transports if your dad will sink them easily, you would be better holding one turn for a following turn larger purchase or buying aircraft. For Germany, hit where you have the best chance to win and take the most cash. Use the NO’s to guide your grand strategy. But other posts above are correct, there is a tipping point where all you can do is slow down the inevitable Allied win. There are some good posts here that can guide your next game.

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