Needs a Strategic reorg phase in game

  • So the CP is really hamstrung when it comes to moving large number of troops quickly.  AP is not so impacted due to their control of the sea lanes, especially in the Med.  It is crazy to think that once Russia goes into revolution that German units in Moscow can take up to 5-6-7 turns to get involved in the Western front.

    What is missing in the game is the ability to strategically reorg forces.  Railroads were used to move troops quickly to the front in WW1, and there is needs to be a step that allows countries to perform this action.  It could be a non-combat movement phase for units that did not move in a combat phase, or just another phase that allows reorg of some units after combat.  I would not want to see a railroad unit, as the rails already existed before the war.  Possibly allow a free move back to capital, and then proceed with normal movement.

    Any other thoughts?

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    I like the idea, and I’ve seen similar proposed before. My thoughts below.

    Non-combat move
    A new phase, between Conduct Combat and Mobilize New Units, called Non-Combat Movement. Any land unit owned by the power whose turn it is that: 1) did not move in the Movement phase (renamed the Combat Movement phase), 2) did not fight in the Conduct Combat phase, 3) is in a friendly territory, and 4) can trace a path of friendly land territories between its current territory and the capital territory of the owning power, may conduct Non-Combat Movement. Assuming the four conditions can be met by at least one land unit, the owning power may move to its capital territory any or all land units meeting those prerequisites.

    It could be worded better, but the gist is: if a land unit belonging to the power taking the turn did not move, did not fight, is not on hostile territory, and has a valid path home, then after Combat and before Mobilization that unit may be picked up and placed back in the capital territory for that power.

    Something like that.


  • They already have something like that. Its called larry harris 1914 tournament rules. They have that and some collapse rules. I never play without them.

  • I know you can move 2 territories with tourney rules, but there is nothing about Strategic reorg or non-combat movement I can find.

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    You are correct Carolina

  • Yeah but instead of taking 6 turns it takes three. Also you dont usually occupy all of Russia.

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    Considering each round represents several months it should be allowable for units to rail anywhere through friendly tt in non-combat.

    The only restriction should be that they cannot rail into contested tt if there was a battle there this turn.

  • I thought each round represented one year.  That is why the U.S. joins on turn four (if turn one is 1914, turn four is 1917).

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    should be able to travel anywhere within originally controlled areas, not just the capital

    just sayin

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    This is essential for balance; it hardly effects the Allies but enables the CPs to counter Allied sea transport.

    If a turn is a year that Berlin-Munich service needs a rocket up the boiler. More than anything, this issue demonstrates the lack of play testing for this game.

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