• I have spring 42 2nd ed. I’m thinking about getting a copy of the 2009 version. My question is for those who have both copys. If you had 2nd ed, but not the 1st ed, would you still get the 1st ed? If I don’t get this I have something else in mind. Just trying to weigh my options. Thanks for any and all input.

  • Just from a collector’s point of view I’d want all the games (which I do in fact have), but I’m not sure that’s one of your motivations.  I don’t have the two 1942 rulebooks in front of me to compare, but as I recall the 1942.2 version has more unique sculpt designs than 1942.1 and, I think, a few unit classes that 1941.1 didn’t have…so in that sense 1942.2 is better.  On the other hand, 1941.1 may have had actual plastic ICs rather than cardboard chips, but I can’t certify that this was the case.  KNP’s game-evolution thread might have the answer: http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=23386.0

  • Thanks for the response Chief. I’m not interested as a collector. Just wondering if from the standpoint of gameplay if it’s worth it. I have to keep in mind I’m in Romney WV. Thoughts tend to run as deep as the gene pool here. So the deeper the game the less likely I am to find someone to play with.
    I’ve managed to find 3 people who like the occasional game of A&A in the 5.5 years since I moved here. Excluding students, but they can’t be stopping by the crib. Therefore the level of depth will probably be my deciding factor. No one here has commited to a game of Global with me yet lol. Thanks again for your input.

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    i personally like both 1E and 2E.  In terms of play I think they are quite different while looking similar.

    The only thing you might have problem is the map is pretty small so you will need to blow that up.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you are a collector I say yes. Honestly as someone who spends a lot on games besides A&A I would say if it’s cheap just buy it. I wouldn’t go nuts and call it a must have for the non-collector. For a while it was about $20 US and I bought some as gifts and own three copies myself. I guess it depends on the price.

  • 1942 2nd edition is an upgrade from 1st edition with 1) AA guns that are specific to countries and rules that they can be eliminated, 2) more country specific sculpts, 3) integrated AA to defend IC’s, 4) much better chips than are in any other AA game :) and 5) a better map.  You now have an out of the box map that is playable in terms of territory size (1st edition is ridiculous!!!).  The map was also redone to improve play balance.  Get this one for the map alone.  The bonus is the new sculpts.  Personally 2nd ed 1942 is the most balanced of all the A&A games.  I know a lot of people say the allies can’t win 50/50 without a bid, but I think most of those guys are trying older A&A strategies for this game and wonder why they can’t win.  The pacific is finally important in the traditional A&A game.

    1942 2nd ed is best of the best including better than anniversary edition of A&A in terms of playability and balance and fun after probably hundreds of games of all versions.

    I still vote to nerf independent AA guns in all versions of AA and just keep integrated AA with IC’s.

  • It’s quite worth it. My favorite version of the game.

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