Should this game have a non combat move phase?

  • New order for phases:

    1. Purchase and repair

    2. Combat move

    3. Conduct combat

    4. Mobilize new units

    5. Non combat move

    6. Collect income

    7. I was thinking you purchase and repair as normal.

    8. In the combat move phase your ground units can only move one space (fighters can move 2 spaces). You are allowed to attack into any adjacent territory that is hostel, or contested regardless if the territory your units are coming from is friendly or contested (no restrictions).

    9. You conduct combat as normal (still one round).

    10. Mobilize new units (moved this up, see NCM)

    11. In Non combat move phase you can move any ground/air units that didn’t move, or participate in the combat move, or combat phases up to 2 spaces. This would include ground/air units that you just mobilized in this turn (in your capitol). You can move these units up to 2 spaces through friendly territories, but must stop anytime you you enter a contested territory.

    Air units still have 2 moves. If your fighter only used one movement point in the combat move phase, that fighter can now use its second move to retreat from the front. It can move 1 space to your own territory, or a friendly/contested territory you have a unit in.

    This will also allow fighters to be used for sub finding in adjacent sz’s

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    An interesting idea, although I think the fact that this game only has one move phase contributes greatly to the speed of the game, which I think it needs.

    I see your point though, it would enable units to be moved into battle more quickly. Would having a 4-move limit and keeping the single phase accomplish the same thing?

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    I usually play all A&A games with just a single movement phase, so I wouldn’t  complicate 1914 with two.

    I still favour unlimited rail movement within friendly tt but not into combat. As long as you move units into combat first to keep track there’s no need for a separate phase.

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    I do not think the game could have a Non Combat Phase, as there is no ability to retreat and cover the holes in your lines. Once committed to battle in a territory, you are stuck there. Having a Non Combat Phase would allow you to plug gaps that an unsuccessful (territory clearing) attack could open up.
    Having to plan for this eventuality makes you play differently or suffer the consequences.
    I think it has to stay as it is Wild Bill.

  • This sounds like a good idea. I play with a lot of new players, many of whom are confused by the “units can move 2 spaces, except when they can’t (except for fighters).”

    They’ve always had an easier time with 42.2’s NCM.

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