• I’ve played 2 games with friends and we ended it around round 5-6 each time (5-6 hours).

    I played a full game myself and it lasted 16 hours.

    Does anyone have friends that will actually finish the games up to +14 hours. It seems like the game is too long. Most of the last 5 hours is just one side clearly winning and just trying to capture the capitals.

    My question is, is anyone finishing games that aren’t solo testplays?

  • We hadn’t finished after 6 hours, and I surmise it would have taken another six minimum to complete it.  Now I understand why the belligerents agreed to an armistice!

    On the other hand, now that we’ve got a lot of rules hammered out, I think the game will go MUCH faster next time (maybe 30 min a turn, instead of an hour a turn).

  • Yea, the rules are a hurdle the first time through, then they feel good after you get the hang of them.

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