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    Upgrade from 9 or not?

    What you think?

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    Upgrade to Mozilla, not that virus thing.

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    I am not at liberty to adress this question at this time.

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    Upgrade to Mozilla, not that virus thing.

    Not a fan of firefox for the same reason I dont like chrome or skype.  These agencies have released press statements, saying that they will turn over personal information to the united states government because the government asks them to.  No warrant, no court order, just a request by the government.

    On top of that, microsoft has its own issues with its super mods (hey its what they call them) reading personal information and email, but it’s far better than some government agent. lol.

    So…if someone had a gun to your head and said “Use internet explorer 9 or internet explorer 10 or I shoot everyone you know and then kill you” which would you choose?

  • Ive lost track of IE

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    Ive lost track of IE

    So did I, then Mozilla, Apple, Google and a few other companies had a unified press release or whatever you call it when they are all in agreement at a press function and said they would turn over any data requested by the American government upon request - even if there was no court order or search warrant.

    When I see companies perform unethically like that, I don’t use their products and services anymore.

    Besides, the point of the thread is IE 9 or upgrade to IE 10. 😛

  • Fair enough -  I still stand by using Chrome- way faster and simpler than IE- but I have to use IE for my online MBA classes- and IE 10 is better than 9.  It takes some of the features from Chrome actually.

    I don’t think the government cares that I frequent espn.com and axisandallies.org the most.

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    I dont either, but they do make mistakes and government mistakes ruin lives.  For instance, you could be telling a joke to someone and end up on the federal no fly list!  Sure, you might get off again, but how long will that take and how much will it cost you?  All because you copied a joke that turned out to have been written by a terrorist…

    Chrome has other issues, when you uninstall it, programs like Outlook stop working - or did last time I had Chrome on my computer which was a couple of years and one computer ago. (never installed it on the new one for that reason.)

    Okay, so we have 1 vote that upgrade to ie 10 isnt as bad as some of the previous upgrades for ie have been.

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