Top 10 TV lines/3 Fav Actors/3 Fav Actresses

  • I note that all my favorite lines are from the late 1950’s to the 1980’s(originally.)
    My choices of actors/actresses is a lil more up to date.

    Your top 10 TV lines of all time.Not necessarily in order…

    1. “Citizen’s arrest!  Citizen’s arrest!” - Gomer Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show .
    2. “I know nothing! I know nothing!” - Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes .
      8 ) “Holy Crap!” - Frank Barone on Everrybody Loves Raymond .
    3. “I love it when a plan comes together.” -“Hannibal” (Col. John Smith) on The “A” Team .
    4. (Toilet flush) - on All in the Family .
    5. “I brought you into this world. I can take you out of it.” - Dr. Cliff Huxtable on The Bill Cosby Show .
    6. "Lucy! You got some splainin’ to do! - Ricki Ricardo on I Love Lucy .
    7. “Ah, yes. It’s the old _________ __ ___ _________ ploy.” Agent 86 on Get Smart . (Can you explain the #86?)
    8. “There is nothing wrong with your television set. We control the horizontal. We control the vertical…” - Intro to The Outer Limits .
    9. “Did I do that?” Steven Urkel on Family Matters .

    TV Actors/characters

    1. Hawkeye Pierce/Alan Alda(MASH)
      I note the character differences between the above and the following…
    2. Tom Selleck/Thomas Magnum(Magnum PI)
    3. Kiefer Sutherland/CTU Agent Jack Bauer(24)
      Cheating 4) Hugh Laurie/Dr. Gregory House(House)

    TV Actresses/characters

    1. Dawn Wells/Maryann(Gilligan’s Island) - She is the smartest woman on the show by use of her common sense, plus being corn fed she’s very healthy looking.
    2. Kate Jackson/Sabrina Duncan(Charlie’s Angels) - Again the smart one, not to mention pretty… which I just did. I liked her in The Rookies, too.
    3. Jill Hennessy/Jordan Cavanaugh.(Crossing Jordan) - Smart, average looking[a 6 on the tv actress scale], feminist surrounded by soft or women-beating men
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    Best actors:

    1. Lawrence Olivier ( by far the best of all time!)
    2. Robert Shaw
    3. Curt Jurgens

    1)Marlene Dietrich
    2)Ingrid Bergman
    3)Barbara Stanwyck

    movie lines i have no opinion on.

  • TV Actors:

    1. Bradley Whitford. I’m a West Wing junkie. He’s got a new show this fall too.
    2. Sam Waterston
    3. Kiefer Sutherland (I’m a 24 junkie)

    TV lines:

    1. “The only reason you are still conscious is because I don’t want to carry you!” - Jack Bauer, 24

  • I never have been much into TV, but here goes……

    1- Rockford Files…Was there ever a cooler customer than James Garner?
    2- I dream of Jeannie…still fantasizing about finding that bottle
    3 The honeymooners…to the moon Alice, to the moon

  • OK…

    Maya on Space 1999… SERIOUS hottie!
    X Files… gave every man a readheaded fantasy…

    Beyond that, I am a bit more a movie person than a TV person…

  • Top 3 Actors:

    Ed O’Neill- Married with Children (Al Bundy)
    Raymond Burr- Perry Mason
    James Garner- Maverick, Jim Rockford

    Top 3 Actresses:

    Katey Sagal- Married with Children (Peg Bundy)
    Gillian Anderson- The X-files (Dana Scully)
    Christine McIntyre- The Three Stooges


    1- “…and now for something completely different.” (Monty Pythons flying circus)
    2- “…who are your attorneys? Hagen and Daaz?” (Al Bundy, Married with Children)
    3- “…you have just entered the Twilight Zone.” (Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone)
    4- “oh, wiseguy” (Moe Howard, the Three Stooges) followed by the classic eye finger poke.
    5- " you knuckleheads!" (Moe Howard, the Three Stooges) followed by the classic double face slap.
    6- “Della, get me Paul Drake.” (Perry Mason)
    7- “Trust no one.” (The X-Files)
    8- “Hi, you’ve reached Jim Rockford….” (The Rockford Files)
    9- “Gilligan!” (Gilligan’s Island)
    10- “HA HA!” (Nelson Muntz, the Simpson’s)

  • But Raymond Burr’s best role was not on TV…

    Best role was Steve Martin in Godzilla.

  • Raunchy,
    Sagal and Anderson?  Everyone to their own tastes.  Though IMAO…hot and actresses?..NOT!


    But Raymond Burr’s best role was not on TV…
    Best role was Steve Martin in Godzilla.

    nc…, Maya?  Space:1999??  Dating yourself and picking a a scantily clad alien waif.

    I recall liking that show, too. Missed the first half season serving overseas.

    However, it was kinda farfetched… as quickly as they ran into aliens and other planets.

  • I agree, got a little “out there” in a hurry.

    But for the time period, just a couple years after Star Trek went off the air, it was so technically superior…
    And let’s face it, those Eagles were pretty sweet 🙂

    And yes, Maya the “alien waif” was a true hottie 🙂  Fine, I’ll date myself 😛

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