• Does anyone have any alternative worlds maps or anything? I enjoy regular A&A just thought it would be cool to see if anyone drew something new up to mix it up…

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    Check the Global 1939 variant that HistoricalBoardGames sells…


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    Was that a joke Gargantua…?

    If so, it made me laugh.

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    It’s “Historical Board Gaming”


    Check the Global 1939 variant that HistoricalBoardGames sells…


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    Does anyone have any alternative worlds maps or anything? I enjoy regular A&A just thought it would be cool to see if anyone drew something new up to mix it up…

    The games Attack! and Attack Expansion from Eagle Games use a large wrap-around world map which is decidedly odd in its appearance.  The game is set in a kind of alternate 1930s era.  There are probably pictures of the map board at BoardGameGeek.

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    LOL Karl, it’s hard to extrapolate what he means.

    With a WW2 setting in mind, we’re kind of -locked in- to an earth map.

    Unless you wanted a Mars map or some such thing?

    Historical Board Gaming - !

  • First post ever!  And it’s long, what the heck!

    We bought the hex maps (16 in all!) from Clombia Games Victory series as an alternative to the standard A&A.  We’re using the pieces from Global and a lot of the OOB rules while coming up with some rule changes to account for the different board layout.  We like how the boards can be set up from a couple panels to all 16 for a global game depending on what we feel like playing.  We haven’t had a lot of game test time with it this summer but we do like what we have so far.  It is a work in process.  Here’s what we have so far…

    1. each player starts with 1 Capitol and 2 cities.  The Capitol has a major factory and the cities have minors.  You can only put factories on hexes that have point values and the Capitol must be place on the highest valued hex.  The 2 minors are placed on valued or non-valued hexes.  The 2 starting minors can’t be further than 2 road sections away.  This represents a small community ready for conquest and expansion.  This is also your starting cash point.  Capitol = land value + $10 for the major,  the 2 cities are land value (if any) + $3 for the minors.  The Capitol starts with 3 inf, 1 mech inf, 1 art, 1 tank.  The cities get 1 inf or 1 mech and 1 art.  You also start with 1 transport and 1 destroyer placed by one of your factories if possible.  It sounds small but we’ve found that as you expand a take over territory the cash increases pretty quick.  It also kind of naturally follows the Global pace of the first few “political” rounds where your are developing a strategy for the board set up.

    2. Instead of having a set order of play at the start of each round we roll to see who goes first.  High roller first, low last.  Ties reroll.  We’ve found this to be a great twist to the game and can be a huge momentum shift.  Love it!  We basically follow the same A&A rules from buy to noncom moves.  Exceptions below…

    3. Movement- All naval units move 3 hexes with +1 if leaving from a port.  There are some shoal areas that are impassable.  All ground units move their standard but with a +1 if traveling on a road from start to finish.  Also ground units can only cross rivers on bridges (creates choke points) and mountain ranges are impassable.  All aircraft units move their standard with a +1 if leaving from an airport.  However aircraft can only take off and land in controlled town and cities (simulates airfields).  If there are aircraft in a forward position linked by roads (supply line) to a town with a factory that town is “supplied”.  If that supply line is severed by the enemy, the aircraft are unsupplied and they must leave the town on the next turn if the road can’t be retaken or the will become grounded due to lack of fuel.

    4. Hex troop limits- Ground units are limited to 5 inf or mech inf, 4 art, 3 tank per hex.  Air units are limited to 2 for non-value villages, 4 for $1 value towns, and 6 for $2 and higher towns.  Naval units are limited to 1 AC, 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 3 destroyers or subs, and 4 transports.  This tends to prevent single territory stacking and creates lines on the battle field.  To prevent stalemates we allow the attacker to bring in twice the max hex limit in the combat move, however after the battle, any units in violation of the hex limit must retreat to a hex it attacked from.  If you’re the attacker and won the battle and then you win the who’s first roll at the beginning of the next round, look out, potential big changes on the front lines!

    5. Thoughts we’ve had but haven’t incorporated into the game yet.  A) loans from the bank with mandatory pay back schedules.  B) lowering the costs of air and sea ports.  C) lend lease programs between teammates.  D) trains (would require track pieces) E) increasing naval movement

    Like I said this is a work in progress but we really like it so far.  The board possibilities, both in size and “limitless” setups is just great.  The empire building aspect is fun aka Conquest of the Empire.  And the political part is there too, " don’t attack me, I won’t attack you" or arranged teams.

    Any additional ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hey Regi_Cide,
    Very interesting concept. I like the idea of a non-historical land mass to fight over. I once had a strategy game called Tactics II which was a battle that took place on a totally fabricated land mass. I used to have lots of fun with that game.

    One small suggestion about your trains idea. Historicalboardgaming.com sells these small acrylic markers for rail lines, rail stations and even rail guns. I think those would be really good in a game like yours.

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