D10 or D12 version for A&A Unit Types?

  • Based on the current list of unit types available in AA50, as well as those new unit types planned by FMG, has anyone considered converting Att/Def statistics from D6 base to D10 or D12 base?

    This might allow units like Mech Inf, Trucks, etc. to have a little more separation and strategic value.  I know there have been other AA-based game systems with something other than D6 base.

    I plan on posting some ideas, but wanted to see if anybody has “been there/done that…”

    If you have been down this road, or have something already cooked up, would appreciate feedback.

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    trucks should not have any combat values.

    so your just talking about heavy tanks using the 4-4 or 4-5 and mech infantry using 2-2

  • I had not thought of making this kind of change, but it has quite a bit of merit from an intellectual POV.  The biggest problem is that there aren’t many folks with enough D8, D10 or D12 out there that want to play test the concept.  You can certainly get the dice, but most folks just don’t want to go to the expense.

    I had once thought of making a handicap system using D8s.  If a player was a little better, they might be willing to roll 1-D8 during each attack.  If a player was much better, they could roll 2-D8 each attack.  This would give a handicap without altering the game too much.  The obvious counter-strategy to this is to use a couple extra pieces so the penalty is absorbed to a smaller statisitcal significance.

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    well you could go the route of Fortress America by having different units using D6, D8 and D10

    id keep air units on d6 since we only got 2-3 going

    naval could be D8

    Land d10

  • d12 could be an easier testing area if people have BOTB… or multiples like IL. 😄

    but seriously, i’d keep it simple and go with the d12, easier to extrapolate out the equivalents of a d6 and also give you additionally open slots for new pieces.

    INF becomes 2

    ART becomes 4

    ARM becomes 6 and so on, but

    MECH could be 3 or 5, and so on… i’d calculate the rest, but wolframalpha doesn’t like me at the moment…

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    I have been thinking about this for sometime as well. It seems it would give the range of customisation that many of us are looking for, especially with the FMG pieces, Table Tactics pieces, etc…

  • Personally, why would I want to memorize a whole new system where I can’t use my custom FMG Nation Dice?

  • @Upside-down_Turtle:

    Personally, why would I want to memorize a whole new system where I can’t use my custom FMG Nation Dice?

    Well of course you could still use them for regular games, but for house rules, I think the idea of going to a d12 system has merit.

    On that topic, does anyone know where to get d12’s cheap?

  • I have nothing against a 10d or 12d system.  If someone wants to take a shot at it, why not?  I say go for it.

  • @Upside-down_Turtle:

    Personally, why would I want to memorize a whole new system where I can’t use my custom FMG Nation Dice?

    could give FMG an opportunity to make d12 Nation Dice and make new profits, with units silhouettes on the dice sides to forgo memorizing those 2 infantry types, mech inf, paratroopers, commanders and so on…

    but wait, then people would complain that this is a slap in the face to those who bought the originals…  oh well… back to the old, take down the signs and posters…  back to the boats people, please exchange your new palms and iphones for the old ones on your way out too… 😉

  • Hey, just as long as their new unit counter chips don’t have 18 different colors, I’m happy.

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