WorldsForge Game Pieces for Axis & Allies games

  • I contacted WorldsForge in Singapore with the suggestion that they standardize their pieces with the Axis & Allies colors and sizes, and they were receptive to the idea. They asked what pieces, in particular, should be resized, and I am reaching out to the community for feedback.

    For starters, the tanks should be made smaller, and I believe the UK artillery piece is fine as is. The Bren carrier could probably be a little smaller, but it is workable at the current size.

    Anyone else care to comment?

  • Are you talking about the pieces for the Singapore game sold on the FMG website? The fixed artillery for that looks perfect. they want like 2.50 per piece i think and i wont pay that.

  • Yes, those pieces. Obviously, as volume goes up price will go down. Please stick to the topic.

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    The sizes are fine aside from the air units ( too small). The bomber is close to AA scale, but the fighter is too small.

  • Tank is way too big, IMHO

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    Oh yea thats true, forgot that one. I use them for heavy tanks for japan.

  • How about the Japanese artillery? I feel it is too big (remember, we are trying to get as close to AA size as possible)

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    They seem fine. If they are too small they lose detail.

  • I’m not sure if I would say their Chi-Ha tank is “way too big”, but it is a little bit too big.  I’ve got it at 25mm x 10mm.  On the one hand, to represent a “heavy tank” upgrade for the standard WotC piece, it kind of works for me.  On the other hand, the actual vehicle was called by the Japanese a “medium” tank (“Chi-ha” basically means “medium, model 3” in Japanese tank terminology) and was really still only a light tank by German-American-Soviet standards (15 tons, 57mm main gun).  Given that the vehicle was a foot shorter and a foot narrower than a Sherman tank, something a little closer to it in size might be appropriate, but since the WotC Ha-Go is only 2 mm shorter and is .5 mm wider (!) than the Sherman, I’m not sure what the ideal solution is!?

    What’s more, telling the WF folks it’s “way too big” might inspire them to make it “way too small,” considering their Zero’s are already a little too small.  Their British fighters are even smaller, btw.

    I’d say that all their other stuff is fine.  Yes, the Bren carrier ought to be smaller to be in scale, but to make it “true scale” might push it into the “so-tiny-I’m-afraid-of-losing-it-in-the-carpet” realm of the Superpowers Game’s micro-MBT’s.

    Their infantry and artillery are great, though. I might use their Japanese Infantry as SNLF (Japanese Marines) and their red-based Infantry as parachute-trained SNLF.  I wish they’d chosen a different color for their Aussies, but at least they’re a very different shade of blue than the new WotC French light blue…  The British artillery is the same size as the WotC piece and much better done.  The Japnese piece is a little bigger, but I think it’s perfect for a “heavy artillery” upgrade.

  • They are willing to work with us on size and they will color match to A&A.

    We can be exact with measurements.

  • I’d love to see them flesh out the model range by adding naval units to it, which would be key to make them competitive alternatives to the WotC piece set.  Their quality is so good, I’d love to see them do a British King George V class BB and a Yamato class BB that are just a hair bigger than the WotC models to use as Super-BB upgrades!

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    I think the BREN CARRIER is the perfect size.  It is the WOTC  MEC INF ones that are two small and out of scale.

  • Well, relative to the tanks, if we were looking for an objective, uniform scale it would be a bit big, I think, but since that isn’t our goal, I think it’s fine.

    I’d be fine with the WF colors, too, if they had a complete piece set.

    As it is, I still might find several of their models useful for “special unit” upgrades (like how the original AAP used dark green for USMC)

    But what I’d really like to see is a cool array of options for ships, especially the marquis ones, the BB’s & CV’s (and even the CA’s).  I’d definitely spend some money on that. I already have… but my Panzerschiffe plastics and 1/3000 metals are still just too big.  I even tried some 1/6000 metals, but they were too small.  If FMG or WF or TT made some of these, I’d be all over that!  You could maybe sell them by the piece; I don’t know if you could make the ROI come together on such a radically different sort of project, but I’d easily spend the same per piece that Panzerschiffe, Navwar, & Skytrex are charging per piece to get models that are much closer to AA scale (and AA colors, though I’d willingly take the time to paint them if necessary)…

    Idk, just thinking aloud, here, but maybe this is an opportunity?

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