• after so many turns will the cardassians defect against the gemhedar as they did in the series, such as if that alliance does not have a certain number of points by a certain length of the game.

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    this is like a nuke-the-world scenario 😉

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    If the Cardassian income goes to 13 or below then the Cardassian forces will switch sides. Thanks for reminding me of this tmz, or I would have forgotten it. In case you were wondering the Cardassian Union starts out with a total income of 43 I.P.C.'s. GG, what is a nuke-the-world scenario? Thanks for all the feedback and updates will continue to come 😄 .

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    The Cardassian units are coming along nicely. I should have them done soon but not today since today’s Sunday. The Hideki’s, and marine carriers still need to be made plus the armored tanks.

    Since I’m now including the Romulans and Breen as major powers at the beginning of the game, how about starting the game in 2374, thereby giving the Dominion control over DS9. Any thoughts on this? Thanks 😄 .

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    are you going to semi re-design the board???

  • UKcommander I would add Orion’s as pirates, Just don’t give them a large fleet. Also don’t allow anybody to attack their home base. In Star Trek nobody could ever really prove that the some Orions were pirates but everybody had a feeling. Besides the Orions were always great at playing sides off each in public while supporting one side in secret. If you add the Orions give at least half thier ships cloaking devices.

    As for the Tholians I would make them a minor power but also give them a decent fleet but maybe have their ship production very small thus making it hard for them to rebuild. If money causes you problems with making your game then by all means forget the Tholians and just make them a money addation to who ever controls them. If your cash flow is real bad then cut the Orions as well.

    If I had the money for this project I would make forces for both. That’s just me of course. Sorry about the late response.

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    I’m not going to do much else except add the Gorn and take away the Tholians. Sorry waraxis but no Orions either. I think the game should just be left the way it is at this point. Hopefully I’ll get some work done on it this weekend, but no new updates right now.

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    Just keeping the post alive right now. Still no updates, been really busy lately. Hard to find time. I’ll keep this post updated as much as I can.

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    The Cardassian pieces are complete and I’m hoping to make some headway on the Klingon pieces today.

    I’ve decided to add the Bajor(6) and New Bajor(5 I.P.C.'s) territories to the Federation. Also, I’ve decided to let the Tholians remain in the game and I’m reconsidering the Gorn being in the game.

    What are your thoughts on this: If the Tholians are attacked or fully influenced by a power they just provide economic income instead of becoming militarily involved in the game. It just seems really hard to come up with any good Tholian pieces. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on these ideas. God Bless.

  • here are counters , data sheets and soon the map to star trek dominion war for A&A


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    Woah, this is an interesting thread albeit originally a very old thread. Was there any more work done on this?

    I’ll post an article on the website about this if I can get all the rules, etc.

  • LGTI MicroMachines made soft plastic minis of TNG-era Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi and Cardassian ships. The company went under in 1998, but they’re still availible on Ebay.

    Star Fleet Battles may be somewhat ancient, but it’s most certainly still about, courtesy of Amarillo Design Bureau Inc. They produce a very extensive range of starship minis including TOS-era Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Orions, Tholians and Gorns.

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