• Does anyone know if Avalon Hill plans to release another A&A sequel?
    I love to play A&A Europe and Pacific, but I want more…!

  • I’m not sure if Avalon Hill is planning any additional A&A related games; however, there are several Expansion Set that you can get to enhance A&A from other companies.

    I suggest getting “World at War” by Xeno Games (www.xenogames.com). This game rocks!

    Also, I like using the “A&A Accessories” and “Central Powers” Miniatures Expansion sets from Table Tactics (www.tabletactics.com).

    I especially, like to mix all three of these together … and with a few modifications of the rules (“House Rules”) – it doesn’t get any better!

    Also, try visiting the Strafe Zone (www.andale.com/stores/sf_home.jsp?mode=1&sfUrl=strafezone) for some other goodies to spice up your A&A games – like Battle Cards!

    Or try out Black Baron’s Expansion Set for A&A … found at

    Try these … I think you’ll enjoy!

    Mista Biggs 😎

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