• Hey guys, i’m thinking a new A&A game could be “Axis & Allies Spain”. It would recreate Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It is said by some historians that II world war begun in Spain (and the begining of pacific teatrhe was sino-japanese war in 1937), so it could be cool. Axis would be nationalists forces and allies would be republican forces. A couple of rules could be german and italian units aiding the nationalists and soviet units aiding the republicans. A VP sistem would be needed for republicans survive (as Japan in A&A Pacific) and maybe even a first turn strike for the nationalists (as in Pacific too). Could be IC in Burgos, Canarias Islands and Morocco (nationalists) and Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia (republicans) and cost and profile of the units could differ from one side to other (republican infantery weaker and cheaper, nationalist infantery stronger and expensive, per example).

    Of course, sino-japanese war would be cool too. Maybe even using two separete chinese forces, one leading by Mao and the other leaded by Chinang-Kai-Shiek, with IC in Shangai, Beijing and Chongking.

    What do you think? Should Hasbro release those games? I think those “lesser” conflicts and other battles as Dunkerke or Battle of England  would be nice variants to Revised version (a very good version).

  • Well, we haven’t released a Sino-Japanese A&A variant yet, but the Empires of History variant “The Spanish Civil War” was the second variant we ever published and has been our second best seller as well.
    A new Fourth (color) Edition is now in the works and due for release this summer.

    You can check out the Spanish Civil War and other Empires of History Axis & Allies variants at:

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group

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    Did you get your printer fixed?

  • Gah. Which one?

    We have four. All but one have been fixed at least one. Two of them are down on the moment with a scheduled repair on them within the next week. But then, they have only been down a week or so, so I’m guessing you meant from a previous time?

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group

  • Whoa! A new Spanish Civil War, but the map in color? YES!!!

    Can we pre-order?

    I am going to go over the entire SCW game that I have from you (2nd + 3rd editions) and will shoot you off some recommendations.

    Rogue Warrior

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