German's take Holland on 2nd impulse.. DEI navy is rolled for?

  • If Germany takes Holland G1… is the Dutch Navy in DEI rolled for? or just waiting to be activate by the UK?

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    @Floyd-Culp Are we assuming the UK is already at war with Germany, or no?

    If the UK is at war with Germany, The Netherlands automatically become Allied Aligned, and their units and income are fully incorporated into the UK forces, including anything in the DEI.

    If the UK is still neutral, then the Netherlands are now only Allied controlled, which means the UK can move Dutch units and use Dutch income to buy things for the Netherlands as well.

    So to answer your question (I think), yes, the Dutch naval forces in the DEI is still rolled for in any combat that may occur after that point!

  • I was watching a video explaining the game but didn’t see what he was talking about in the rules for Holland…

    He said that when you take Holland… you roll for who controls the DEI naval ships… like the Vichy control dice rolls… thats what I want to know.

  • and yes… Germans attacked UK 1st impulse… attacking Holland 2nd impulse.

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    @Floyd-Culp Got it. Well in that case, no, you don’t roll for who gets control of the Dutch navy. Sorry, I thought by “roll” you meant defensive rolls.

    The Vichy France situation is the only one (besides the conclusion of the Spanish Civil War) where you’d roll to see if remaining naval forces are scuttled, retained, or turned.

    So yeah, in this scenario since the UK is at war with Germany, and now Germany has attacked the Dutch, all remaining Dutch units, territory, money is now incorporated to be park of the UK nation.

    You’re not asking this, but just food for thought:

    It’s often really smart to wait to attack the Netherlands until Japan is also in a position to take the DEI islands. Because as you’ll now find out, the UK forces are going to gain a good amount of IPP’s for holding those islands and the money. Maybe the Japanese are in a position to take them, I guess I don’t know. But it’s a good thing to coordinate!

    Another point of reference here is that if you were playing with the Netherlands Fights Back Expansion, the Dutch do not become UK aligned once at war. They are kept as their own separate playable power. I know you’re not playing with that expansion, but just wanted to show the example there!

  • Thanks! Learning!

  • @tmtm1 What does 1st and 2nd impulse mean?

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    @ampdrive said in German's take Holland on 2nd impulse.. DEI navy is rolled for?:

    @tmtm1 What does 1st and 2nd impulse mean?

    Germany gets 2 turns on first turn

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