German Fallschirmjager, Turn 1

  • I noticed that the starting German paratrooper unit and bomber in the last incarnation of Global 1939 was removed.  Why is that?  German paratroopers played a prominent role in the invasion of France in 1940.  Many nations, including Canada, mimicked the German paratrooper batallions when creating their own.  I would like to see Germany start with at least one airborne unit in turn G1.  Thoughts?

    Additionally, I would like to see Canadian commando units, or at least paratroopers, as purchasing/production options in Global 1939.  The Canadian airborne played a prominent role during the allied invasion of Normandy by dropping behind enemy lines and destroying all their targets, severely hampering the German’s ability to bring in reinforcements.  FEC and ANZAC both have commando units; why shouldn’t Canada?  I don’t see this imbalancing the game very much.  Maybe a maximum of two commando units, just like ANZAC?

  • I don’t know about the set-up from before including a paratrooper and bmr in the German set-up (sounds interesting though). I will say that you have the option of building a paratrooper and bmr on Germany’s first turn, and using them in the second impulse though.

    I was under the impression that the Canadians and S African powers could build commando units as they share the builds on the combined set-up page w/UK. My understanding is that it would just count against the 6 commandos max (2 each turn) the UK can build in total. Plus you can play the Canadians & S Africans under the UK, and not as separate powers.

    What they are lacking is an air base to allow them to take off from (even regular inf can’t bmr transport w/o AB), but an AB could be built (Canada should probably have an AB at set-up). Just for kicks you could walk your Canadian commando down to Washington and pair it w/a UK or Canadian built bomber to allow it to get airborne from the American AB, then on to the UK to be launched from one of the English AB’s (yeah, the more I think about it Canada should have an AB).

    The FEC and Anz have their own individual limits for Commandos, but would not count against what could be built in Europe (UK, Canada, and S Africa collectively get 6 max). If you really think about it the Anz don’t have an AB either, so they would be in the same situation as the Canadians, but at least commandos also get a +1 for amphibs LOL. I also find it strange that Calcutta starts with an AB, but the FEC don’t get an air unit at set-up LOL.

    Also if you are using Canada and S Africa as individual powers (they don’t get much income), I believe you are allowed to have the UK build units (including commandos) and place them directly into those countries IC’s (there are some limits). How the UK and all of its Commonwealth are played (Canada, S Africa, India, and Anz) is pretty much left up to you. IDK, but depending on how you’re playing, it might be possible for the UK to build an AB in one of its many commonwealth powers territories. By rule if Canada is played as its own power, the UK could build a couple units at the Canadian IC, could they also build them a 15 IPC AB? Would make sense that they would assist in building some of their infrastructure, but not sure about flipping the entire bill for a facility. Germany is allowed to built AB/NB in their minor axis powers territories though. If Canada wasn’t being played as a seperate power the UK would be able to build an AB there.

  • Version 4.0 (played prior to October 2012) had a starting bomber and paratrooper for Germany.

    I play Canada and South Africa as separate powers.  Considering that Canada has the same starting income as ANZAC, I would think that two Canadian paratroopers or commandos would be logical.  The U.K.'s economy is much stronger than that of FEC, therefore it receives 6 commandos vice 4.  South Africa is so small economically (and still under apartheid during the War), that I would assume they would not have the large variety and depth of citizenry to field a specialized paratrooper or commando division.

    During the war, Canadian troops mustered in England and crossed over to Germany from the English channel.  The commandos could cross the Atlantic in transports, thereby eliminating the need for an airbase in Canada.

    And as a point of interest, neither Canada nor ANZAC built submarines during World War II, yet ANZAC starts with two submarines.  I imagine these submarines represent the allied fleet which docked, resupplied, and refueled in Sydney in between forays to Japanese controlled waters.  Canada did not build capital ships either.  Though it had a very large fleet, Canada only ever built one cruiser.

  • I will point out that we normally play w/Canada & S Africa as part of the UK, and not as separate powers (we are going to play them all separate in the next game however). Under that assumption the UK would be able to build commandos in Canada w/o a doubt because it is all as one. If you are playing all Commonwealth powers as separate the rules do allow the UK to build units in each of their minor powers ICs, so commandos could be built in Canada regardless (they would just be English). Under these rules the UK could even build English commandos in FEC or Anz ICs to increase the max number of commandos allowed on that side of the map (still keeping with in the 6 allowed for UK the parent).

    Although the rules don’t specifically spell out that Canada (or S Africa) as a separate power can build commandos of their own, they don’t say you can’t either (could use a clarification). I would think because of the close proximity to England itself and the fact that England, Canada, and S Africa are all on the same set-up page, that even if played separately the two minor powers would fall under the guidelines as a whole as far as commandos go. You stated that it would be logical for Canada to be afforded 2 commandos because of income etc…, but I don’t think it should be in addition to what can be produced on that side of the map. They should be able to produce them, but count against the 6 max IMO.

    The UK is allowed to build up to 2 commandos per turn, and a total of 6 on the board at one time (doesn’t include what FEC or Anz can build as you know). I believe you can build Canadian commando’s (or S African commandos) if you want to even when playing them as separate powers. It would just count against what the UK could build as a whole. If you build one commando in Canada with either Canadian income or English income, you could still build 1 more commando in say London (or even S Africa) for a total of 2 per turn (6 max on the board).

    Many of the rules regarding the UK and its Commonwealth are optional, leaving quite a bit to each group to decide how it plays out (which is awesome IMO). To me Canada or S Africa being able to build commandos wouldn’t be an issue regardless of what side I was playing (as long as it counted against UK commando builds). Once they build them they would need to find a way to use them. Either via transports for amphibs, or get them to an AB to use as paratroopers.

    I think an official clarification from Variable is needed, and I’m sure he will give one at some point (once he reads this thread).

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    Two quick clarifications guys. Sorry I don’t have more time these days… working on big projects!

    1. I looked as far back as I could and couldn’t find any starting Fallshirms… Build them G1 if you like!

    2. For the UK/Canada/S. Africa Commandos Will Bill is correct. Build them in any of these countries, but they all go toward the UK/ Commonwealth total. These countries are typically played as one in my games…

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