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    In the past the handling of House Rules-related threads has sometimes led to discussions among the members, as there is often some kind of rivalry about a subject belonging to either the dedicated game forums or the “Customization”-(sub)-forum(s) (including “HouseRules”/“Variants”).

    We have discussed the procedure with the aim of providing some transparent rules of how these threads are to be handled.


    • The dedicated game forums are reserved for discussing the original game with its original out-of-box (OOB) rules plus official FAQ.
    • The House Rules-forum is reserved for every idea that is not in complete accordance with the OOB-rules and FAQ.
    • But sometimes we have threads that correctly start as a discussion in the dedicated game forum but at any point change into a house rule discussion.


    • Threads that start with a (OOB compliant) game-specific subject but turn into a House Rule discussion would be marked with the prefix [House Rules] by a moderator but stay in the forum the original poster has intended
    • Threads that start with House Rules but are opened in a game-specific forum will be moved to House Rules

    However we understand the desire for better identifying which original game is behind which house rules. For this we ask everybody creating a thread in the House Rules subforum to assign a prefix to the title of his thread representing the original game the idea derived from:

    [1942 2nd Ed.]
    [Global 1940]
    [Global 1942]
    [Europe 1940]
    [Pacific 1940]
    [Spring 1942]
    [2nd Edition]

    We probably cannot cover every situation - but this should be a reliable framework for admins, moderators and members.

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    And tags of the same name. If the tags work out, maybe we can drop the title of the topic practice.

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