[Anniversary] China House Rules list

  • Here are some of the house rules I have come across to help china in AA50, all of these work for 1941 and 1942 setups unless mentioned otherwise. The rule that no more units can be placed in territories with more than three chinese units is still active. Most of these rules can be used together, though you might want to keep it simple and just use one or two. And you dont wont to make china TOO powerful! I can’t take credit for most of these either!

    1-China’s economy: China is able to collect and spend IPCs like any other country, similar to g40, although is only allowed to buy infantry and at 2IPCs a piece. This allows China to save money plus gives a bit more of an incentive to the allies to take manchuria/kiangsu.

    2-Burma road: If the Allies control India, Burma and Yunnan China gets one extra infantry per turn. Optionally you could allow the USA to buy one artillery for China instead, if the allies have these territories. Another option is that China could buy their own artillery at (3 or 4?) IPCs instead, if playing with China having an economy (like above).

    3-Changed turn order (my fav): China gets to go before any other nation, at the start of a round. Since the USA is last and China is first, they can still go at the same time (except for the first round). This allows China to prepare for the japanese invaders a bit better.

    4-Round up rather than down: When China has an uneven amount of territories, round up instead of down. Can’t be used with the ‘China’s economy’ rule.

    5-Extra starting infantry: 1941 SETUP ONLY: China starts off with two extra infantry in Yunnan in Ninkang. I believe this was suggest by Larry Harris himself so that china can’t be completely destroyed in round 1 by japan. If you wish, in the 1942 setup you could start with one or two more infantry in yunnan to protect the flying tigers.

    6-USA replaces flying tigers: If the flying tigers has been taken out by the axis, the USA is allowed to replace it for 12IPCs (10+2shipping).

    7-Less restrictive movement: China is allowed to move into Burma. Maybe French Indo China too, though this might be questionable. Another option is that the flying tigers can also move out of China temporarily, though still needs to land in Chinese territory.

    Personally I have only been able to test 3 and 4, which seems to work okay. If you have any suggestions, additions or constructive criticisms feel free to comment  🙂

    Moderator’s edit: Added tag [Anniversary] to title.

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