• Question:  Let’s say GER is occupying SWI, and the FR attack from BUR.  In the next round, AH moves into SWI from TYR.  Do GER and AH defend together, or, is GER defending while AH is attacking?

    This is our 2nd game and this is the only rule (we hope) that we need clarification on.  My 13yo daughter and I had a lengthy debate about this ruling.

    I apologize if this is a repeat…I’ve read through 10 pages of this forum and have yet to see the answer.

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    Germany and AH do defend together, as they are on the same side.  However, they cannot attack together, as all powers attack separately on their own turns.  AH is not required to attack after moving into Switzerland, as the territory was contested already.  The only time an attack is required is when units move into a hostile or neutral territory, making it newly contested.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you both for your replies.  There is no longer any confusion on my part.

    We just ended round 2.  I had to ask this question because it appears I have stretched the German western front too thin.  AH needs to help immediately.

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    Enjoy your games . And I commend you on allowing your daughter to win. I do that too!

  • I wish it were that way, but I don’t have to let her win.  She may be 13, but she is a bright and formidable opponent….or maybe I am terrible.  Either way, we have some good games.  She used to beat me at UNO when she was 2.

    While I’m at it, we are new to the AA games.  We’ve played 1941 a few times and are now enjoying 1914.  Is 1940 a worthy game???..she has a birthday approaching.

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    1940 Global is the biggest and the best of the Axis & Allies games. You need to have enough table space (aprox. 32" by 72") and a good deal of time ( about 10-12 hours ) on your hands. Ideally you would have a table in a separate room that you could leave the game set up on so you could play partial games and pick them up later without disrupting your dining room but that’s a luxury and not totally necessary.

  • Biggest and best?  That works for me.  Thank you.

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    I hope you both love 1940.

    When 4 or 5, our daughter would beat my wife and me at Uno too. Funny! I think if you are a board gaming couple, you will be a family that plays too. Much more interesting than tv.

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