Amphibious Assault question

  • For purposes of determining the number of bombarding battleships in an amphibious assault, do you count the offloading units killed by the defending player’s artillery first strike?

    For example, Britain has 4 battleships and is offloading 4 land units into Kiel; Germany has one infantry and four artillery in Kiel. German artillery get two hits on the pre-emptive strike, leaving me now with two British land units left before the actual land combat. Does that mean only two battleships bombard or can all four still? Thanks.

  • All four bombard.

  • Great - thanks

  • My buddy Gord played as Germany one time and loaded up each coastal zone from Picardy to Poland stacked with 14 artillery. Needless to say, Entente  coastal landings were a bit tricky.  I’m a huge fan of the artillery pre-fire.

    Starlight Sniper

  • I am as well. It really makes you think twice about trying a landing.

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