• So say Britain loads up transport from London and it and a battleship amphibiously assault Kiel from SZ 10 (no sea battle - German navy is gone).  After they go through the minefields unscathed they conduct the land combat with a battleship support shot, the assault is unsuccessful and Germany retains control of Kiel. Next Britain turn, the transport goes back to London, picks up a couple more guys and returns to SZ 10 while the BB stays put. I understand the transport has to contend with the mines again, but does the battleship, which didn’t move? (The rulebook says “move into or through” I don’t know if staying put counts).

    Similarly, say there was a naval battle in SZ 10 (no amphib assault this time). After mines and one round of combat the British player chooses to end it with a wounded battleship off Kiel while the Germans survived other naval units. On the next British turn, if the German boats didn’t attack the wounded battleship, does it have to face mines again? Same question more or less, just different circumstances.

    Finally, when rolling for mines, the owner of the mines calls out the boats - “this is for the cruiser, this is for the BB, etc.” Does he do this for individual transports? For example the US brings over five transports, and four of them contain only infantry and one contains a fighter and tank. Would the mine owner roll four dice and then one in that case? Or does he roll five together and the owner of the transports chooses which ones die?


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    Afternoon McX.
    For your first and second examples,  you got it: staying put a ship is safe. There would be no need to roll again. It is moving ships that need to roll.
    In your last example, you would need to roll the TT with different cargo separately, I am afraid. The owner could not lose one of his choice.

  • Thanks for the quick response Wittmann!

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