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    So what does the US do in your game before declaring war?

    They are required to build only armored trains…with lazers

    Spend billions of your tax dollars building up units for a war it has no intention of joining?

    They join automatically on a fixed turn, to maintain balance.

    Collecting money every turn to spend on a war it has no intention of joining, rather than, for example, spending it on public services?

    They buy pizza and multiple copies of AA games

    Maintain a modest military to police the Americas by invading the likes of Mexico and Haiti?

    The police are employed in Haiti Dreadnought construction

    Or just not have a turn until it is attacked or declares war?

    The US is not on our map, no need for that or Mexico. They deploy in Brittany on turn 8, or in UK

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    They buy Pizza and multiple copies of Axis and Allies games.

    That’s your whole life right there.

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