How does combat work?

  • Sorry if this has been asked but can some one explain in detail
    how in detail combat works. While answering these questions
    Specifically. Also sorry I am new

    1 when you start a attack and you roll the right number where does
    Your hit point go is it your choice and if so do you have to say my
    Infantry attacks your tanks.

    2 also if I have two countries (both german) can I attack attack another country
    Using both countries and if so and I use infantry on one side do I have to on all sides
    Basically do the attacking groups merge also let’s say if the one country attacks and takes over does the other attacking country go back to its original spot or does it go
    To the country it attacks.

    3 lastly if I use a plane and go 4 spaces and take over a country but I can’t move to land
    Because I moved the max number of times already does it die?

    By the way this is for the 1941 edition and sorry for bad Grammer and any confusing

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    Morning and welcome Savage69.
    1. The defender chooses which unit to lose. Generally, he would choose the cheapest to replace or the one with the worst defence roll.

    2. Two (or more)  different territories can, indeed, attack the same enemy territory.
    Roll all Infantry together, then the Tanks and Fighters, then the Bombers involved. Then you add up the total number of hits and the defender chooses which to take as losses.
    The attack takes place in the defending territory. Therefore, if the attacker wins, all the units which attached remain in the defending territory.
    However, if the attacker chooses to retreat at the beginning of a new Round (and he can only do this if there are surviving defending units), all the survive attacking units, must retreat to ONE territory, from which any of the attacking units came.

    3. A Fighter must leave enough of its movement points to return to a friendly territory or
    Aircraft Carrier. An Air unit can never land in a newly conquered territory. Only one it owned at the beginning of its turn. This must be understood.
    Please say, if you still have any questions or if you are still unclear.

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    or if you are still unclear.

    This reminds me of an old one-liner joke: “Can unclear weapons be used to support ambiguous assaults?”

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