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Forum Rules

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Forum administration and moderation:
    The forums are maintained by the axisandallies.org owner (admin) as well as our forum moderators. They can be identified by the respective badge.

    Current Admin: djensen
    Current Moderators (Updated Oct. 27, 2017): Panther, wittman, Cmdr Jennifer, Deaths Head 420 (minis mod)

    Forum Rules:

    1. Etiquette:

    The official language of this forum is English. Using other languages is allowed in the “Find Players”-subforum as well as in the “Play Boardgames” section only.

    Do not swear

    Be relevant
    The axisandallies.org forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Axis & Allies or related wargames.
    Topics irrelevant to those are allowed in the “Other Forums” section only. Threads or postings not following the Forum Rules are subject to removal.

    Be constructive
    When posting, please make sure you do so with good intentions. Refrain from posting when you don’t have anything positive or constructive to say on the topic.
    Your post should contribute to the discussion or the solution of the issue being discussed.
    If the only purpose of your post is to be negative, it is not worth posting.

    Be respectful
    Show others the respect and good behavior you would expect to receive from them.

    Do not discuss moderation and sanctions
    Read our Forum Rules to understand why your post was moderated

    Do not create topics/posts to share private conversations
    Private messages should remain private

    Do not try to impersonate members of the Administration or Moderation Team
    Trying to impersonate a member of the staff will result in harsh sanctions. Don’t do it!

    Don’t post in all CAPS, in inappropriate text size, use a misleading title, and/or excessive punctuation, etc.
    Don’t post images unrelated to the game(s), always reduce images to a reasonable size matching the forum layout.

    Do not “bump” posts (ask a moderator)

    Do not post about locked or removed threads

    2. No naming and shaming
    Rule violations should be reported using “Report to moderator” feature (or by PM)

    3. Don’t resort to personal attacks, abuse or harassment:
    Racial or Ethnic slurs
    Promotion of national hatred
    Real-Life Threats
    Spamming or Trolling
    Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information
    Links to websites containing any of the above mentioned cases.

    4. Don’t spam!
    Repeatedly posting the same content
    Posting the same content in multiple threads (no crossposing)
    Posting into inappropriate subforums (Respect the forum structure instead!)
    Posting irrelevant content
    Referral links, advertisements, etc.
    Advertising for product sales of any kind, other than those allowed in the “Marketplace” section
    Advertising for services offered by individuals or companies
    Excessive capitalization, use of fonts, colours or images
    Bumping posts (ask a moderator)
    Abusing the “Report to Moderator” feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages

    5. Don’t discuss illegal/forbidden activities
    Links to illegal software/content download
    Links to hacks/illegal mods
    Links to phishing sites
    Posting Trojan horses or Malicious Programs
    Links to websites containing any of the above mentioned cases

    6. No mature content
    Pornographic materials of any kind
    Imagery that show real life depictions of gore, death, horrifically violent acts, etc.
    Art that shows nudity (full or partial), or sexually explicit acts or depictions of those acts
    Links to sites showing any of the above
    Images that might be offending to others

    7. No inappropriate/sensitive topics
    Avoid discussions about:
    Also avoid inappropriate names, avatars or signatures including controversial religious, political or historical figures.

    8. Hate Speech
    This is a WWII board game forum. During the war many racist atrocities were committed. It is important to remember these atrocities but not glorify and not celebrate them.
    Hate speech is not allowed. Hate speech includes, but is not limited to, remarks that are overtly or implicitly racist.
    Denying the holocaust is not allowed.
    Denying other historical atrocities is not allowed.
    It is not allowed to use a moral equivalence to justify or minimize one atrocity because it is not “as bad as” a different atrocity. (This is roughly the same as the “no Holocaust deniers” rule but this goes further to ban one of the “tricks” deniers use to normalize their lies).
    White nationalism is not allowed.
    Nazis and neo-nazis are not allowed.

    (If you feel the need to question these rules, you’re a strong risk for breaking these rules).

    9. Multiple Accounts
    Undisclosed multiple accounts are not allowed.
    Disclosed multiple accounts should be limited to 2.

    • 2 accounts are allowed mostly for the purpose of playing TripleA games.
    • Your second account must indicate you primary account in the username or in the profile. For instance my second account for TripleA is “djensen47”
      TripleA developers are allowed to create multiple accounts for testing purposes.
      Other software developers must ask for permission before creating test accounts.
      Exceptions are allowed on a case by case basis. Please ask moderators or the admin (djensen).

    10. Impersonation
    Creating an account to impersonate another account is not allowed.

    11. No advertising

    • Only forum sponsors and advertisers are allowed to advertise and link directly to products for sale.
    • Links to eBay auctions are not allowed without prior permission.
    • All shopping links from eBay and Amazon must be “converted” so that purchases made help support this website.


    • Community (not publisher) contributed links to Kickstarter projects ARE allowed. However, spamming the forums about a Kickstarter project is not permitted.
    • Publishers advertising Kickstarter projects are only allowed if they are advertisers.

    12. Marketplace Rules

    The administration (including moderators) reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community. Repeatedly violating any area of these rules will often result in permanent suspension from the forums. When changes are made, the change will be listed in the replies to this (locked) topic.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    If you need to discuss a rule but the discussion might result in a rule violation, then send an email: webmaster@

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Asking for clarifications on a rule is okay, writing an essay is not.

    If you need to ask a question about rule 8, then you’re probably going to break the rule and you’re not welcome here. Zero tolerance for racism should be easy to understand and if the rule bothers you, go away, you are not welcome here.


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