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    I know you cannot activate a friendly neutral with a plane


    Can you land a friendly plane in a neutral territory you just activated?  So let’s say on my non-combat turn I took Greece with UK, could I then land a plane on it on that same turn?

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    No. To land Air on it, you or an Ally  have to  control a territory when your turn begins.
    Dutch territories are the only exception to this rule.

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    I figured as much, but just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  • Damn rules… Greece Uk1 would be so good.  Hey, I tried.

  • Whittmann,

    Is that the OOB rules that planes can capture Dutch Territories? So you’re saying a plane can fly and land on Dutch territory if it hasn’t been occupied yet?


  • UK and ANZAC planes can’t claim Dutch territory to allow their power to collect income from them, but they can land in Dutch territory whether or not the territory is being activated by ground unit(s).

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    Damn rules… Greece Uk1 would be so good.  Hey, I tried.

    That’s right!  I forgot that you tried this already

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    To clarify, the relevant move for the Dutch thing is: Anzac ground units to Sumatra in the first round, then, on non-combat, you can fly any Anzac fighters you wish to land there on the very same turn. All 3 fighters can reach!

    I can’t for the life of me understand why the Dutch are included in this game, or why all the rules for their territories have to break with the way we treat all other territories. Just consider all the exceptions to the general rules that their presence introduces.

    Can you build a major in Holland?
    Can you liberate a friendly territory for yourself, even though it isn’t occupied by the enemy?
    Can you land aircraft there?
    If Allies liberate Holland what happens?

    All silly questions we shouldn’t even have to answer, but do, on account of the Dutch. Just like China, this is an area in G40 where way too many exceptions (to the general rules) were introduced, with the result that a lot more potential confusion enters the game unecessarily.

    Its very hard for example to explain why Anzac can land fighters in Sumatra on the turn when it is “activated” but you can’t do something similar in Greece/Persia, Bulgaria/Finland etc.

    The logic as explained is this. The Dutch are not “pro-allied” but a weird Allied alignment non-entity, that starts with no Capital and no units. Because they are an Ally (albeit an occupied weird Ally) Anzac or anyone could conceivably land fighters there, even if they weren’t occupying it with ground forces. Not the case with Pro-Allied or Pro-Axis powers, you can’t land fighters in such territories until you actually control them. Though I wish the Dutch thing wasn’t in the game to confuse this situation. I like rules that say things like “All” or “Any” or “Every time” … not rules that say “For everyone, except China!” or “for all territories, except the Dutch ones!”  This all comes as a consequence of the games vision for “Neutrality” and what that entails in 1940. I guess you couldn’t very well make the Dutch overseas possessions simply “Pro-Allied” if their home country is already occupied by a belligerent.

    It would have radically simplified the game if China/Dutch East Indies were simply made Pro-Allied.

    This could have been done, if you simply removed the word “neutral” from the name. Basically you could have had “Neutrals, Pro-Allied, and Pro-Axis” territories. If you didn’t require the Pro-Allies/Pro-Axis territories to be called “neutral” or “friendly neutral” then you wouldn’t have to distinguish between all these different types of “Neutrals” on the boards. Mongolia could just have been Pro-Allied too. Everything would have been so much simpler to explain.

    It might have made for a fun Pacific game too, if Allies could activate units in those territories (like Sumatra, Borneo etc.), rather than having them all separated off into their own weird category, treated differently from all other territories on the gamemap.

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    Right, Holland is treated as an already vanquished non-playable ally, like France. On that note, French territories after Paris falls should be treated in the same way, at least the UK could grab some extra income in West Africa, Madagascar & Syria. Would also encourage Germany to take Normandy.

    I guess the implication of ‘activating’ friendly neutrals is having to wait for them to fully mobilize. Also not sure why you’d need a combat unit, why can’t an AAA do it? It has a built in support staff and troops.

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