Amusing Disclaimer on a Military-Themed Game

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    I can’t recall the details, but I once read about an organization which hands out annual “awards” (similar to the Razzies) for the most ridiculous legal disclaimers to have appeared on merchandise.  The only examples I can remember are a disclaimer on an iron warning that it should not be used to iron clothes while people are wearing them, and the case of a bar somewhere on the American coast whose cocktail napkins show a little map of the shoreline along with a warning that the map is not to be used for navigational purposes.  Any doubts I may have had about the truth of these anecdotes were laid to rest this weekend when I opened up the second edition of Zulus on the Ramparts, by Victory Point Games, and found a small (5-inch x 5-inch) folded paper napkin inside which was stamped with the notice I’ve scanned and posted below.  The part saying “Use this Wipes-A-Lot to remove any residual soot from your counters” provided a perfectly sensible explanation of why a card-and-counter solitaire game would include a paper napkin…but have a look at what the rest of the stamped text says.  I’ve included a magnifiied view of the disclaimer for easier reading.


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    I was thinking about getting that game and buying miniatures for it (to place on counters)

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