Help me find a pic of this (modern) military vehicle

  • Hey all,

    I am looking for a picture of a CEE truck that the US Army Corps of Engineers use.  CEE stands for Combat Earthmoving Excavator.  It sits on a 1.25 ton frame with 4 wheel independent suspension  same as the HMMWV.

    The front of the vehicle has a two seater cab that looks like a dump truck because of how the roll bar sits above the cab.

    The rear of the vehicle typically has a backhoe attachment that when folded up on it self looks like a cripled wing. The front normally has a bucket.

    The unit itself is has metric sizes but the attachments are made up of standard sizes.  They are ment to be able to take off and add new or diffrent attackments.  For example they may take the bucket off of the front and replace it with a fork-lift attachment.

    If any one knows where I could find a picture of one it would be much Appreciated.


  • I did a GIS and something came up for an armored vehicle that resembles somewhat what you describe.  But it doesn’t seem exactly the same.

  • In a horizontal engineering company in the US Army it will also have several DUCE’s (Deployable Unarmored Combat Excavator’s) and ACE’s (Armored Combat Excavator).

    So you may find one of these since the Army uses keywords in every title.

    Just FYI:

    The DUCE looks like a normal bulldozer with a flat verticle blade and triangle rubber tracks.

    The ACE looks find of like the old APC’s we used to have.  It has metal linked tracks and looked like a shoe box.


  • After talking to some long lost friends in the Army Engineering community I found that the CEE truck was replaced with the much larger HMEE built by JCB.

    Here is a link to a video of the newly commisioned HMEE if you are interested.

    After a little research I found that they cost around $278,500 (USD) each.  It doesn’t seem practicle to have one as a commercial contractor; however, for what it can do, plus the extra cost of putting armor on it I don’t think it’s a bad buy also considering its life span is double that of a civilian equivalent.


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