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    We are debating about having a divisional competition here with some money on the side about how many Whoppers we can eat at once.  Somehow, this seems like a dumb business idea for Burger King with Americans nearby, but I guess they figure the Japanese won’t really take them up on this offer.

    I know when I was young, I’d probably be able to eat like 8 of them…but now, I’d be lucky to handle 3.  Thankfully, these aren’t the American whoppers which are typically soggy and usually make me want to puke after one bite.  Fast food here looks like the fast food in pictures or on TV.

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    Fast food here looks like the fast food in pictures or on TV.Â

    Which is impressive because the food you see in advertisements is prepared and photographed under very artificial conditions.  This not only means putting lots of time and effort into choosing (for example) the most perfect-looking lettuce leaves available, it also sometimes means preparing food in a way that isn’t suitable for actual eating (such as searing the outside of a steak for just a few seconds without cooking the inside).  There are even people called food stylists who specialize in preparing food just for the purpose of being photographed.

  • TripleA

    the japanese are great burger eaters.

    kobayahsi has the world record for burger eating.
    Hamburgers: 93 hamburgers in 8 minutes at the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship in Chattanooga(No Dunking World Record)[12]


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