On the Existence of "God"

  • But then the other guy probably answers: “Oh there is, it smells like invisible elephants here… don’t you recognize that smell that only invisible elephants have?” … or something like that.

  • And then I say ‘Sorry, I had a burrito for lunch.’


  • No. First, define “here”, second, you don’t necessarily have to “believe” what you say.

    quibbling. replace “here” with “in this room”.

    if you choose to do, thats fine, just be aware that when the revolution comes, you will be killed.

    No I won’t.

    finally, ignore my arrogance. im not stubbornly opposed to the idea of god, if something ever changes my beliefs, i will admit it, but they cant, because im right.

    Or just unwilling to admit it.

    now you are just trying to provoke me. 😉

  • now you are just trying to provoke me.

    And I almost succeeded, too. :roll:

  • Janus I have to Disagree with you here man. first of all I dont understand how you could ever think that the Greek Gods were more Believable then our one God now. First of all there wasnt a one true church to hold up the Religion.

    “One True Church” which less than half the religion follows. Which is a political organization. Which did not write the book which it follows.

    Their Beliefs varied from town to town. Now We have the Church that has stood for 2000 years. It has had its faults in the past, Everyones human. But it is still the only true holy church. Because it is the One, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church.

    My like Barnes and Nobles has four shelves of different Bibles. The Greek Religion (which was carried over by the Romans, they just changed the names into Latin and adopted the Trojan Penates), lasted just as long.

    Its Origin was divine. Jesus himself made the church with his words to Peter the first pope. Even if you dont believe that Jesus is the Messiah, which is nonsense, you must still believe he was holy.

    Jesus was not divine, and I’d love to see a primary source pre 332 AD (I believe thats the date, its somewhere in that area) which depicts Jesus as the son of God. He wasn’t considered divine until the Council of Nicaea of the same year, when the bible was compiled by Emperor Constantine and his advisors. Christianity was to be the Religion which would save Rome. Christianity was in essence not created until then. Until that day, Christians were actually Jews who happened to follow the teachings of Jesus. Christianity was actually a blend of this new Judaism, Roman Paganism (Jove, Venus, Mars, ect), Barbarian Paganism, and Roman Sun worship. Roman Sun Worship was in fact the offical religion of Rome at the time. Constantine himself, unlike the popular belief, was not Christian, he was a sun-worshipper, and devotely did his duty as Pontifex Maximus until he was baptised half dead on his deathbed right before he passed away.

    Jesus was indeed a great leader, but he was a mortal prophet. He envisioned a religion of equality. Jesus was a married man with children before the Nicaea council. As part of his divinity, Jesus could not have had any mortal contact. All records of his wife and children were destroyed. His wife was Mary Magdalene. She of course was long dead and rotting by this point. However, right after Jesus was Crucified, Magdalene fled to France, her life at risk. In France, she (and her son, Jesus’s son) became the first of the Merovingian Dynasty in Southern France. All records of her name were burned. She was given a new role in the Bible to defame her, as a whore.

    Read into your religion’s history, its quite interesting. I suggest reading The Templar Revelation.

    The New Testament itself refered to Jesus in the gospels as the son of God, because the few gospels included were written by the Romans. In fact, there is evidence that pre-Nicaea volumes of the “New Judaism” pseudo-bible had dozens of gospels from figures in the bible. Included are writings from Mary Magdalene herself.

    Proof? The Dead Sea scrolls date back 100 years pre-Nicaea and back everything up here, including all the missing gospels. This is nothing new either. Even Leonardo Da Vinci, called the smartest person of all time, painted all this into his paintings. Take a look at Madonna on the Rocks (Not Virgin on the Rocks) and the Last Supper next chance you get. Look to Jesus’s right (your left), and look hard. Look at Peter. Look at the person immediately to JEsus’s right, thats no man. And look how they all interact.

    Look at the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist in Madonna on the Rocks.

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