"Star Trek" technology on the modern battle field

  • http://www.sliceofscifi.com/archives/shields_up_at_maximum.html

    I cant find a better article, but the technology uses a type of radar to detect and intersept the RPG and destroy the explosive part allowing the projectiles impact to be absorbed by the armor.  If it really works like they say it does it could help to protect lives.  Too bad it does not protect from land mines and improvised explosives or IED’s.  Kinda cool though.

  • “Phasers on full, arm photon torpedoes…if the Borg want a fight we’ll give them one, Make it so!”

    I hope this shift toward Star Trek doesnt mean that the military unitentionally starts a “red shirt program.”

    “On the away team will be myself, Commander Spock, Bones, and Ensign Jimmy.”

    (guess who dies)

  • From what I saw of the footage of the tests (and my knowledge of SDI style weapons)… it is a charged particle emitter… call it a souped up microwave gun (not quite, but close enough).  It agitates the molecules in the inbound RPG and causes the explosive to detonate early.  Probably would have a similar effect on the fuel of a powered rocket, except that the rocket itself may adequately shield the fuel tanks (leaving only the warhead up front suceptible).

    This thing would use a LOT of power, and would NOT be friendly to INF or civies in the line of fire.

  • I was under the impresion the it actualy fires something at the head of the RPG.  If this is true it has an amazing targeting computer.

  • No, it is an energy weapon.  Even the targetting system of the Phalanx is not THAT good.  And if there IS a targetting system that will fit on a tank that IS that good, then the Phalanx would be turned into a single-shot weapon TOMORROW 🙂

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