• Since no one answered my question in the software section, I will ask it here. I downloaded and installed Triple A so I could play Global 1940, and I want to know the difference between the various options. Like ‘Play Online’ or ‘Start Local Game’ or ‘Start Play by Email’. Thank you.

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    A local game is on your own PC. You can do this to get some practice. The AI is not too clever, so you might get soon bored of this. You will find it best to play a real person.
    To play people on this forum you need to find a partner and one of you set up a game. Most people prefer by forum. You will need to post in Find Players.
    Not sure about Online.
    Good luck.

  • Thank you.

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    Online, you enter into a lobby where people host games. There you can join games to play… or watch if it has already started. These games are live.

    Play By Email… well, of course you’ll need the emails of others. I think everyone has to register to the dice server, TripleA should tell how to do it. But you get spammed a lot from the results of the game. So I’d recommend using a new email just for this if you decide to play it by Email.
    Games by Forum or Email aren’t live of course. You get the results uploaded and then when it’s your turn, when you’re done, you post/send your results. TripleA conveniently does most of the work itself for that, I think.

    And if you got a buddy right by ya, you could just play a local game.

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