My 1st game of triple A. Problems.

  • I downloaded triple A just fine, started a game, but with a few issues….
    1. I was Italy, I attacked British navy in sea zone by Egypt. I brought a CV, destroyer and 2 planes which came from a land territory. I win the battle and I planned on landing my planes on the carrier. But it would not let me. It kept saying I cannot stay in a sea zone even though I had a carrier???
    2. The Americans attack sea zone 6 (japan). It asks me to use kamakazis. I use them all and the game freezes. It’s like the battle board isn’t there and I have to go back a step and save the game and then load it again. It works after that and shows my kamikaze hits but then in later rounds it shows I have 6 kamikaze left to use.
    3. I SBR Russian factory with 3 Japanese strategic bombers.
    I get through the AA fire but then notice I roll 8,5,8 for totaldamage of 21. 8? How did I roll an 8? Tech is not on. What’s going on here???


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    Concerning 1. and 2. please provide a savegame, then we can look into it and see what happened.

    3. is just the rules: Strategic bombers score “die+2” (Rulebook Pacific 1940.2, page 17).

  • Never noticed that +2 to bombing raids!
    Any idea why they added that?

  • One other thing I noticed is that there were no escorts for the raids allowed. If I used a fighter there was no option to escort. Also there were no defending fighters in the battle to shoot down any bombers. Is it an optional rule that you have toggle on?

    I noticed the map options with all the options. Is there someplace that explains each one?

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    Hi Locke

    Properties are explained here:

    Also the “Pact of Steel 2” xml inside the Pact of Steel games folder explains some as well. The reason Bmbrs got +2, was because playtests showed people weren’t using them to Strat Bomb.

    When you send your bmbrs on a SBR mission you need to send your escorts in the combat move as well. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to escort. It will also ask you if you want to intercept before the Bombing raid. The default map options should allow this.

    As Panther says, he needs a saved game to diagnose what happened.

  • 1.Click on bomber
    2. Click on fighter
    3. Click on territory with industrial complex

    I was sending bomber and fighter seperately which was probably the problem


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    As Panther says, he needs a saved game to diagnose what happened.

    Indeed, the scenarios mentioned have been working flawlessly for years and in countless games.
    The savegame helps identifying what happened in the specific game.

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