• When playing either Global or Europe 1940 does any one know why Alpah 3 deleted the British European N.O. for keeping the map clear of German
    I’ve been playing a houserule where (playing Europe 1940 only) if
    there are no German U’s in the Atlantic or small part of the Pacific showing the Brits get 3 IPC’s, if there are no AXIS U’s in the Med. they get 2 more and finally if there are no German U’s in the Indian Ocean they get 1 more for a maximum bonus of 6 IPC’s.

    ……and while we’re on house rules strategic bombers now cost only 10
    and attack (on land or sea) at only 2 and defend at 0 but alpha 3 rules for SBR’s stay the same.

    Battleships now attack either at one die @5 or less or two dice at 3 or less (but one die of 4 or less for amph. assaults) with the owner making the choice in each battle and they defend at the same #'s with the same choice.

    Finally, here are our new “bargain” prices we play with:

    SB’s: 10
    TB’s: 9
    Fighters: 8

    Subs and Transports: 6
    Destroyers: 8
    Cruisers: 10
    Carriers: 14
    Battleships: 16

    All land units stay the same.

    We’ve played several Globals and one Europe with all the above houserules and not only were the games balanced but the lower prices made for the intoduction of a lot more pieces and more battles which made things a lot more interesting and exciting.

    Any feed back? Try the above and let me know how it goes.

    Posted Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:45 pm
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    Welcome Kaiser Wilhelm IV. I usually  play as the Axis, but was very happy with UK Sub NO.
    Think the UK is hard done by NO wise and this was a realistic(and historical one).
    Was following someone’s thoughts on SBs on Larry Harris’ site and liked his reasoning for lowering a  Bomber’s attack for all but SBR.
    I can see why you want to play your battleship rules. It is nice to own them.
    I do think making units cheaper can be fun, but surely helps the Allies more as they have so much more starting income. Not in favour of that, but if you like it, play it. That said , Transports at 6 get my vote.

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    I like transports at 6…I prefer my units to be even numbered in cost, just like in every other version (except infantry, it’s always been 3.)

    I believe the NO was pulled because if America was there, it was too easy to get and if America was not there it was impossible for England to get it.

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    Just seems unfair that the Allies should have half the  number of NOs the Axis have.
    They can make such a difference.

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    The allies START with their NOs, the Axis both have to attain their NOs as well as take the Allied ones away.

    I’d like to see England get 2 more NOs - one for control of Canada (all), S. Africa and Persia either neutral or allied (that would be all 3 Persias.) The second being the U-Boat NO.
    I’d like to see Germany get one for GERMAN control of France (not Italy or Japan), a German one for keeping a U-Boat alive in the same territories England has to keep clear

    I want to see the Russo-Japanese pack changed.  As long as Russia has 1 unit for each 3 Japanese units on the Russian Japanese border, Japan may not declare war on Russia.  If Japan declares war on Russia, place 7 Russian infantry in any or all territories being attacked by Japan THIS ROUND ONLY: Theme - Russian partisans.

    Example:  Japan has 12 ground units bordering Amur at the start of the round.  Russia can get 18 units to Amur before Japan can move, therefor, they have attained the minimum amount needed to stop Japan from declaring war, this round.

    Example:  Same game, later Japan has 37 ground units bordering Amur, Timguska, Novosibirsk, and Kazakh (Russia troops have not changed on the border) so Japan can invade.  He does so in all 4 territories, so Russia can place (AFTER JAPAN’S COMBAT MOVE TURN) up to 7 infantry in any one territory, or split them between the four territories.

    Before you say “over complicated” this is very similar to the house rule in AARe.  Only there are more territories now.  (And Japan could have attacked at any time in AARe, but I like having the troops there, it was the Russo-Japanese war just earlier than then… if my recollection is right.)

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    I have never liked the Russo-Japanese border situation. Especially if playing Pacific.
    I won’t go on about it.
    Do not know that History either.

  • Thanks everyone for the warm welcome to this forum  🙂 !  I’ve been following the posts
    as a guest for a while and finally got around to registering last night.  I live near Syracuse
    NY and we have quite a few gamers within our radius with a strong center at a hometown comic/boardgame store.  Of course “real” life limits time I can spend on my hobby which is
    one reason why it took me so long to register; but you have to keep a healthy balance.
    I have probably over 50 games of various kinds in my collection but A&A 1940, War of the
    Ring and the various Catan scenarios are my favorites.

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