New SBR concept for Global AA50-42-40

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    This is a new concept to make SBR more effective and also speed up the game by causing a reduction in placements based on a portion of damage caused by SBR.

    All Factories now have maximum damage rating according to this calculation:

    Part 1:
    All Factories now have maximum damage according to this calculation:
    Factory type + Territory IPC

    So in North Italy a major at 10 and territory at 4 means the factory can be bombed for damage up to 14 points

    So a major in Germany at 10 and the TT at 5, means Germany can be bombed for 15 Points max

    Part 2:
    When repairing damage, all damage sustained greater than the total placement value of the factory are always repaired first.

    Part 3:
    If damage exceeds the factory placement total, additional placements must wait till the next turn to be reset.

    Total damage - Total production capability ( rule #1) = value - factory production capability= total placements in the current turn.

    If Germany has 12 points of damage and decides to pay for all repairs, it will only be able to place 7 units THIS TURN, and 10 units next turn ( provided it does not sustain new damage the next turn)


    If Russia ( worth 4) has a Major factory and sustains 8 points of damage, it will only be able to place 6 units this turn and 10 the next turn.


    If the Soviets have a minor factory in a space worth 2 IPC and it gets bombed for 4 points of damage and the Soviets pay the 4 IPC to repair, They will only be able to place 2 units THIS TURN, and 3 units next turn ( ( provided it does not sustain new damage the next turn)


    Lets now use a slightly different example:

    Germany has been bombed for 12 points, but fixed only 8 damage points…net 4 unfixed. Germany can only build 4 units this turn and if they don’t fix the damage next turn, it will remain at 4 units

    In this case unfixed repair points alter the maximum total sustainable value.

    So in this case its normally 15, but now changed to 11 ( this is true as long as you don’t repair all damage).

    8-11 ( you must use this new basis)= 3-10= 7 units now and each turn as long as you got 4 unfixed.

    Another example:

    UK has a major worth 10 and the TT is worth 6 IPC= total 16 maximum damage rating.

    They suffer a SBR totaling 14 points, but fix only 6 of these leaving 8 unfixed.

    14-8 ( this is her new total capacity because the other 8 was not repaired)= 6-10=4 units.

    I am sorry for all the examples but i am trying to really make this clear. To me this is really simple, its just the way to explain it is hard, but once you get it you really can see the magic behind this rule. I consider it one of the best ideas to fix the SBR and give it more weight in the game.

    Also my final rule on tactical bombers is somewhat altered:

    Every 2 tactical bombers roll 2 dice in SBR and you must pick the higher of the two dice in this roll.


    If you have only one tactical bomber used in SBR, roll two dice and you must pick the lower of the two dice in this roll.

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