• Hello, I have been a lurker, but I have come to correct something that I’m sure we have all felt. Obviously, the rules in the game are historically flawed in that all the neutrals would rise up against a power that invaded someone else. My new rules put an end to that. For the first 3 times someone attacks a neutral, every enemy power gets 6 IPCs to spend or save as they see fit, under standard bidding rules. The next 3 times, 12, next 3, 18. This is put in to show the propaganda value and the forces of the neutral government in exile. Thoughts, anyone?

  • Well, I would see it quite contratry. If a power conquers a neutral state, the conqueror should get an one-time W6 IPC bonus that represents the current local gold deposits. But not before the W6 infantry defenders are taken down, which will arise in the neutral country.

  • Maybe so, but the gold reserves are based on the IPC value, and I want to make the game playable as well, with the powers attacking to get a consequence, just not as drastic or unrealistic. A country also did not just get wiped of their gold reserves, at least not Germany or the western Allies, who set up administrations.

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    This is what we do in game. Each neutral has a territory value and some kind of army and a few ships. You can attack them if you want. But u need to capture each neutral territory to get icp income.
    If you lose battle then just that lone neutral joins other side.
    But we also have a cost to try and influence a strict neutral to your side and you receive the territory value towards income and what is there for the ground troops and a possible ship. Nothing stronger than a Destroyer.
    Not all countries can influence the same neutrals. We roll a d20 and a 4 or less u get neutral.
    This is just an idea u may look at.
    Spain and Turkey have the biggest Amy but cost more for those 2 to try and get.

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