• I created a thread earlier asking about this but for the life of me I can no longer find it, so either I’m blind or someone deleted it without sending me a pm to explain why. Until they do I’ll keep recreating this thread.

    Anyway, has there been any talk whatsoever about changing the True Neutrals in 1914 to their 1940 Global counterparts? Where once your alliance violates the neutrality of a True Neutral then ALL the other True Neutrals are now allied against your alliance? As it is right now it seems like a consequence-free no-brainer to invade True Neutrals which imho shouldn’t be. France takes Spain and Spanish Morocco. Germany takes Denmark, Holland and possibly Switzerland. The biggest change would be that the Ottomans and the UK could not attack each other through Persia. Any thoughts?

  • I think your post was sent to the house rules section.

  • Your right it was. Thanks for the heads up. I wish I got that in a pm from the mod who moved it but oh well. Strange how discussions of rail, the board itself, bids, reductions of navy or any other tweak to the game didn’t end up there as well.

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