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    This Strategy Guide is based on the OOB Axis & Allies Global 1940 combined with the
    Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    The purpose of these guidelines is to give players an insight of “how to use” the new units and rules that come into play with Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion.

    Players should plan their own strategies, based on which Theatre of War is considered most important. As game experience with the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion evolves during multiple games – so does the overall strategy for each Nation.

    Two games are never the same – the variety and combination of units & rules are simply too numerous. Depending on your strategy, you have the option to purchase units for any situation.

    The big challenge is to find the right combination – and number – of units, and how to deploy them.
    For example, your Paratroopers are highly effective when used against weak enemy positions, attacks behind enemy lines – and as reinforcements to positions across sea zones etc.

    Strategic planning can be just as fun – and challenging – as playing the game.

    A prerequisite for a successful strategic plan is to be familiar with most of the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansionbut not necessarily everything in the rulebook.
    Complete rulebook understanding will evolve during multiple games – but is not necessary to play the game at first.

    It all begins with the Timetable. Once you are familiar with most units & rules that come into play during the game, you should use the Timetable as a quick reference guide – both when you are planning your strategy – and also during the game, to keep track of when and which units & rules come into play.

    Note: Strategy is to plan for future operations on a large scale – in time as well as effort. So, when you plan your strategy, think ahead for the next several rounds of play.

    A Strategy Guide for each of the following Nations is attached to this thread:

    1. Germany
    2. Soviet Union
    3. Japan
    4. United States
    5. United Kingdom

    Initially, there is no Strategy Guide for China, Italy, ANZAC and France, since most of these Nations depend on the strategy from their major allied Nations.

    1. Strategy Guide Germany.pdf

    2. Strategy Guide Soviet Union.pdf

    3. Strategy Guide Japan.pdf

    4. Strategy Guide United States.pdf

    5. Strategy Guide United Kingdom.pdf

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    What is you reason on the lack of Army Group Center though? Thank you!

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    @the-captain I dig it ! Wow you really go big on the U Boats early. Concentration of force is key though : ) How do you control the Med ? Are u placing U Boats off of S France ?

    I looked back at my earlier test games and they usually rolled like this for the most part.

    6 Waffen inf and the 2 SS arty. An Elite and 2 Paras. A Pancer and a Uboat. Really like to buy an Elite every turn and a Para.

    I hit both 110 and 111. 110 has 2 Uboats and 3 ftrs and 3 tacs plus a bmbr. 111 has BB sub ftr tac bmbr.

    106 2 subs. I can see the reasoning for 3 but I’d have to forgo one of 111 or 110 then. Sometimes I like to try and dust that CA off of Gib too.

    I keep 2 SS inf back to upgrade. The panzer is for future Army builds. Plus I was trying to see if I could establish Rommel in N Africa. Air trprt next rd.

    Anyway, probably trying to do too much. Idk tho, I don’t like leaving UK with a nucleus to build it’s navy. Sometimes 111 doesn’t work but they usually retreat to Iceland then. Usually a sucker move if Germany goes after them there it seems like.

    Got me all fired up to start another game lol. Been busy with some other stuff, but think I’ll reup on beer and start one lol

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    15-18 U boats sounds familiar to me. Lol

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    Remember, the Strategy Guide is an example of how strategies could look like.

    Army Group Center requires two Armies - and another 10 landbased combat units. The amount of IPC required to create that Army Group is enormous.

    With 3 complete Army Groups, you would have at least 56-60 landbased combat units tied up.

    Then again - I always favor 3 Army Groups - plus 1 independent Waffen-SS Army to serve as Fire Corps.

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    Yes, the Med. is controlled by U-Boats - supported by Luftwaffe operating from bases in S. Italy and France.

    The IC in S. France serve as a German U-boat base.

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    @the-captain right on . Yea I was kinda thinking keeping a SS Army in W Germany to counter Allied landings be a good idea.

    Man really need depth too. Can’t just leave France empty with Paras in UK. Usually like to keep a couple dudes an arty there anyway.

    I try to buy a couple bullet stoppers, regular infantry, every turn too. It seems I just never have enough dough lol

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    True - Infantry is much needed. And yes, naturally an Elite Infantry each round is needed as well.
    During an attack, Elite infantry should be supported by artillery, in order to get that extra dice roll at “2”.

    In the Western Europe sphere a Waffen-SS Army to serve as a Fire Corps is a brilliant idea.

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    @the-captain yea i basically buy an arty every time I buy an elite. Same with the Marines

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    well starting rd 2. Italy took a bit of a beatdown in the Med. Killed off UK and French Navy though. RAF still strong. They did get Yugo and Greece though.

    Idk, probably not a good idea, but I still wanna see Rommel in N Africa. It does tie some British forces up and even some USA navy though.

    Lol it’s just a test anyway

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    just reread so you whack S France G1 too. Are you sending some mech from W Germany and a tank ? Or do you just send like 3 mech and air since you don’t hit 110 ?
    That would make the med quicker to get a wolfpack in.

    I got a single Para in UK tying up like 14 units lol. Probably being to conservative. But I can’t lose France or S France. Had to land a bmbr in Normandy after killing a UK trprt off Gib. Don’t wanna lose Denmark or Norway either.

    Put a couple Panzer Grenadiers in though. Big time 3 hitters on D. I like that : )

    Screenshot from 2021-09-12 02-41-49.png

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    Yes - you’ll need 4 land based units (3 Mechanized Infantry from Western Germany and 1 Panzer from Greater Southern Germany) + 1 Fighter unit (from Slovakia/Hungary) in Southern France.

    Normandy/Bordeaux is conquered by 2 Infantry and 2 Artillery from Holland/Belgium.

    Remember: if France is recaptured by UK Paratroopers, France will collect income - and German troops will once again conquer France on the following turn - and claim that income.
    In other words: the UK player should think twice about liberating Paris.

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    Amazing trick! I might have thought about that before, but still awesome reading it.

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    Also, I think three Army Groups seem to work, as that is what Germany did historically (as you note, it’s very expensive, so it only works for Germany if it does an Operation Barbarossa). Finally, I don’t think the Slovakia Hungary fighter is needed in the invasion of Southern France.

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    Strategy Guide for the Soviet Union is now available.

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    Amazing! I just would like to comment on your ideas and my own ideas for Germany-they might be flawed, but they somehow work every game.

    I think it’s stupid that Germany attacks the Soviet Union. That is how they lost the war in the first place. Instead, a better idea is to put lost of defensive forces on the border and wait for the Soviet Union to attack, and then counterattack with reserve forces. It takes all Soviet forces to breakthrough, so once the Soviet forces are destroyed, the Soviets have lost the production war and they usually lose. A Japanese attack against Amur (where the Soviets concentrate all Far Eastern forces) usually succeeds, the Mongolian forces can’t do much, and Japan eats up one IPC worth of territory every turn. I haven’t done this yet with the new rules, but the Axis wins every time the Soviets attack (one time, the Soviets didn’t attack, so Germany had to attack, and Germany got lucky, with similar effects, all Soviet forces are destroyed, and the Soviets have lost the production war). US and Britain can’t do much, and it’s only a matter of time before Moscow, Leningrad, and Stalingrad fall, and Cairo gets taken sooner or later (this may not be a good strategy at all, and the players for the Allies just make lots of mistakes).

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    @the-captain said in Strategy Guide Global 1940:


    Strategy Guide for the Soviet Union is now available.


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    @The-Captain Love it ! Once again well done. Smooth reading and no typos that I saw.

    yea i kinda spaced saving enough dough for the Conscripts. Guess I better bank some next turn lol

    How do you usually get the USA tanks there ? Far East if not at war with Japan and then Rail ? Need a Naval Task Force to support though. Air Transport ? That seems kinda spendy.

    Caucasus seems kinda time consuming. Also dependent on control of N Africa. That’s why I was thinking Ftrs. Get there faster. I guess those Tanks are handy for forming the Tank Armies or making losses good though.

    Sweet ! I’m all jacked to roll through another test rd : )

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    The United States will build up their Navy in the Pacific - one of the first tasks is to send Tank units to USSR - through Far East.

    Hopefully, within a few weeks, I’ll have the US Strategy Guide ready.

    Until then, Japan is next☺

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    Also, only German air transports can carry tanks.

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    @superbattleshipyamato123 ahh…that’s right. Luftwaffe is already building them. I’m sending Rommel to N Africa one way or another lol

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    Lot going on. These Armies and Army Groups taking the most time so far. : )

    Totally spaced the 10 bucks for USSR when Germany attacks. Might try and make a notification as a reminder as you gotta edit it in.

    Anyway, can I spend my 10 bucks on a Tank General and then place where he could form an Army Group ?

    So Belarus wasn’t attacked by the Germans when they attacked. I buy a Tank General and put him in Belarus. Russia then forms an Army Group at their turn start ?

    And I can pull one of the tanks out of the commiesar group to use with the Tank Army ?

    I got over 10 extra dudes. I’ll just swap out the Commisar Corps Tank with another unit

    Screenshot from 2021-09-16 02-49-21.png

    oh nvm I confused myself. Thought I had 5 Tanks lol. One of the drawbacks to triplea. Stuff overlaps. There are some features around it though

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    @barnee actually confused myself lol. So I already have 1 Commisar Corps active with a Tank as it’s 2 hitter, dice wise, hits at 3, the tank. I buy another Commisar when Germany attacks and place in Belarus which wasn’t attacked along with a Tank, I can then make a Army Group start of my turn ?

    I guess the Tank don’t matter as only one can be active but, yea that’s what I’m asking 🙂

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    Ok one more time. 🙂 Germany attacks first time. Russia gets immediate 10 bucks after German combat move and they can save or place in any Russian TTy that Germany didn’t attack

    In Belarus, which Germany didn’t attack, the Russians have a Commisar corps with a Tank that the Commisar has activated to two rolls.

    Question 🙂

    Can I put another Commisar and Tank in Belarus and create an Army Group start of Russia’s turn ? Only 1 Commie Corps would be active obviously

    Here I added the Commisar, Tank and Army Group
    Screenshot from 2021-09-16 03-50-00.png
    Think I’m gonna Hammer Baltics and take my chances lol

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    Here is how it goes:

    When Germany attacks, the Soviets can only place new units for the 10 IPC they get from the bank.

    The Soviets cannot move any units - or form a Soviet Army Corps or an Army Group at this moment - since both these Battle Formations must be organized on a previous turn (see pages 44 & 45 in the rulebook).

    Good questions, by the way. They will be included in the next update of the Rules Clarification☺

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