• @empireman:

    Also, their is a exspansion thats 1933-1965

    Yeah its called the Darkest days mod and it is Great! you can download it from Steam for a couple of bucks and its well worth it. It also has a 1914 scenario but don’t play that one past like 1925 as the creators of it apparently forget to include the history of the 20’s and stupid things stat happening, like Woodrow Wilson still being president in 1925  :-P

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    W.W. could have still been president in 1925.

    There were no term limits until Truman.

  • True enough, but there aren’t even elections, a lot of things go screwy in that scenario, the Yuan Shi-kai never dies and the “Republic of China” under him never falls into warlordism, which gets kinda boring. Also, IF the soviet union ever shows up Lenin never dies, and like half the commanders never show up. The game just stagnates after 1921-22. Which is kinda sad there’s a lot of intresting things that you could do with the inter-war years

  • So I’ve been playing a lot more of my games to later years, like to 1950-55 and I noticed something kind odd (yes odder then seeing Eisenhower and president and Nixon as his VP in Americas diplomatic screen). If WW2 stretches into the late 40’s, like into 46 and 47, the US goes absolutely nuke crazy. If Germany is still standing strong across Europe the Americans undertake an atomic purging of Hitlers Germany to a rather alarming degree. I watched them nuke every major city in Germany from Berlin and Dresden to Hannover and Munich. Then, once they’ve run out of German cities to wreck they move onto Axis allied nations and start nuking places like Rome, and Milan and places like that.

    I thought, at first this was just the American response to a powerful Germany, but then when war broke out later between the US and the USSR, they went right back to it. This time they widened their scope and nuked every Warsaw pact nations capitol (including Berlin for the 3rd time that game!) before moving onto places in Russia (oddly enough Moscow was like the last place they bombed). It makes being allied to America a bit iffy, I was KMT China, and dangerous. I was attacking a territory in central Asia trying to break Soviet control of the area and take pressure off the US in Europe, and while this was happening 10 of my best divisions (motorized infantry with medium armour brigades attached) got stuck in a territory the Soviets were counter attacking, and for a brief moment, though my troops were there, the territory was still marked as Soviet controlled. Sure enough, in comes the US with a long range bomber and nukes the places, sure he wiped out something like 40+ retreating Soviet and Warsaw pact divisions, but he also destroyed my main offensive armies and killed of two of my best army commanders! I was pissed! It turned the rest of the campaign into a slow infantry slog match (which as China I won of course).

  • This game sounds fun. I am a great lover of the Total War games, but love WW2.
    Would I get along with this game?
    Have bought games for the PC before and binned them as soon as I have loaded them.
    Never liked Shogun 2 Total War.

  • I have HOI3 and have played many hours. If you like building, organizing and naming your own units, you’ll love this game. It can be very immersive with the right soundtrack playing in the background.

    Best strategic: HOI3
    Best Tactical: Combat Mission series
    Best FPS: Call of Duty series

  • Thank you. Will not happen for a year yet as I do not have free time, but is nice to know.

  • @Gharen:

    I agree with the games taking forever but they are immersive and in depth.  Wanna talk about time consuming, Empire Earth, the original was insane.  As well as Sins of a Solar Empire.  In both of these RTS games, I have had one single game last several days, DAYS.  Had some LAN parties back in high school and spent one weekend doing 5 humans versus 3 AI allied on the hardest difficulty on Empire Earth.  We never finished it because in the first 5 hours one of my friends got routed from his island and we spent the next 12 taking it back for him and taking some smaller islands in the middle of the map and tried several times to establish a beach head on one of the AI’s islands.

    I would like to try HOI 3 online with other people, probably have to speed up the game speed a bit cause it would just take too long otherwise.  It seems to be a better college game, one that you play with a roommate.

    My best so far in it was starting in 1938 as Japan and instead of island grabbing I went with the tradition AAA style attack and took most of China, southeast Asia, all of India, and the Phillipines.  My German Allies were in the midst of fending off D-Day in 1941 and Italy was gobbling up Africa.  I ended up quitting that one cause I basically starved my country of all resources and came to the conclusion that Japan took all of those islands for a reason, resources.

    Sins of solar empire is just amazing game… yes I have not played it for a while so is there any updates? Hope you will reply ASAP.

  • Customizer

    Just an FYI for everyone, HOI 3 is on sale right now on Steam for $2…$11 for the package with all of the expansions and DLC. Probably worth a pickup, even though HOI4 was recently announced.

  • Don’t forget to try out the epic WW1 Mod for HoI3! It’s soberly well done, I would know, we’ve been testing it in multiplayer games for a little over a year now  :-D


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