Tide of Iron

  • I was at my local boardgame store the other day and notice this gigantic box, with a lox of seemingly really cool pieces inside.

    I have also watched a bunch of videos and read the rules. The game looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

    Has anyone here played it and coudl they tell me what they think?

    My only fear is that it feels a bit like playing warhammer when I was 15. I haven’t played a war tactics game since, and have only focused on AA-type strategy.

    Any thoughts?

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    I bought the game when it came out, and a couple of its expansions, because I was interested in the plastic pieces.  I lost interest, however, because their scale is much too big for use alongide A&A sculpts.

  • It is a lot like the land mini’s  but not as complex. Two in our group have it and play once in a while,and say its fun.  I think they are practicing up to wip on us latter, but it should be fun

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    I have played this. It has the same problem for me that the A&A land minis have – too big and too small at the same time. The scale is all messed up.

    The miniatures are pretty average.

    The modular board game and terrain components however are top notch.

    I you like the land minis you’ll probably have fun with it.

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    Where to start. ToI is a squad based game and not a beer and pretzels type game. Don’t get me wrong as it is fun to play but its learning curve is steep and gameplay is slow. Its mini’s are nothing remarkable but you don’t get caught in the random booster money grab either. We played it for some time parallel to AAM and ended up breaking up the sets for the high quality maps to use in AAM and letting it go. The other issue is scenarios are difficult to construct and when we ran out of company scenarios it was another reason put it away.

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    I bought this game when it first came out but have never played it. I still own it and I think the components look really cool, but I do not own any of the expansions. I really got into the A&A Minis for the first 5 or so sets but just found it too expensive and complex.

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    I’ve played this a few times with my A&A partner (I purchased the game and both expansions) and we liked it; the only problem is that the 2 scenarios we played seem unbalanced, but maybe it only feels that way because we’re new to it. To remedy this, all we have to do is play each scenario twice, switching places so that we each have a try at both axis and allies. I don’t think the learning curve is steep, but we did have to re-read the rules each time we played due to there being a couple-month gap between our games. I’m happy with it so far, I just wish we could play it more often.

  • i just got this game. its fun, ive only played twice, but the game play wasnt that slow (the second game, the first game we were checking the rules on everything). its bigger than A&A, and in its own way, more fun.

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    Old thread but I’m waiting for my copy of the main game to be delivered. I got ‘Days of the Fox’ for Christmas last year, the person who bought it for me didn’t realize you have to have the main game.

    If this game turns out to be good I’ll be buying the other expansions. The license to the game is now in the hands of A1A games and they’re planning to release a Stalingrad expansion in Fall 2013.

    If you want a change from strategic level combat but don’t want the hassel of having to buy CMG boosters or go the full on ‘Warhammer/Warmachine/Bolt Action’ level commitment, Tide of Iron might be a good game.

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    Finally delivered!!!

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    Just by pure luck I was able to buy Normandy and Fury of the Bear at half the cost of retail at my local game store! I cannot wait to play this game!

  • Hi gang!

    I’m Chris Williams, the sales and marketing manager for 1A Games; we took over production of Tide of Iron from FFG this past year.

    Just wanted to pop in and say ‘Hi’, let you all know I’m here and can answer any questions you may have about the game.


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    Why don’t you make the scale of the pieces smaller? That way larger battles could be possible and the pieces would be compatible with axis and allies.

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    I’m Chris Williams, the sales and marketing manager for 1A Games; we took over production of Tide of Iron from FFG this past year.

    Hi Chris – there was a discussion of TOI just last week on this thread:


  • Thanks!

  • I’ll look forward to this. Had the game for 3 months now and still haven’t figured out the rules yet!

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