Axis & Allies Global Confict - 3rd Edition Released

  • Some of the rules and play aids were just updated, so it might be worth waiting for version 3.3.  I’ve played version 3.2 and it plays very well.

    The best way to print circles is to get 3/4" or 1" pre-cut circle stickers at Staples or OfficeMax and format to print on the stickers.  I then put them on bingo chips or something pre-mad.

    I used pieces from to augment my A&A pieces to add Mechanized Divisions, Air Transport units, and Cruisers.


  • I think the rule that makes Air only attacks hit submarines on a 1 should be eliminated.

    With the current rule, submarines are overpowered.  They are too difficult to eliminate.  Subs have 3 strengths: Attackers (except destroyer) can only roll once to hit a sub (then they can submerge), they are cheap, and air only attacks only hit on a 1.  Air only attacks only get to roll one round of combat, which limits damage.  The problem is that attacking with 12 airplanes will likely only kill 2 submarines.  If you have 12 aircraft, why don’t you build a navy while using CAP to protect the new build?  Now the 12 submarines just move into 12 different sea zones.  Now if any of the subs are attacked by the newly built navy and airplanes, you can’t CAP.  Or if you attack with just the newly built navy, you probably can only attack 1 or 2 locations, only killing 1 or 2 submarines.

    Is there an anti-submarines tactic I am missing?  Of primary concern is how long it takes for the allies to clear the Atlantic of German submarines.  How do you do it?  We asked the “What if America only built submarines in the Pacific?”  It seems like it could easily eliminate the Japanese Navy and blockade the Island of Japan quickly.

    It is also the most confusing rule for our players in Kansas City.  I’m not sure why its confusing, but it gets asked about every single round in every game.  And then misinterpreted in every other round of every game.

    We played again this weekend.  It sure is a fun game.


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    My group has never had a problem with this. The German submarine force seem to be neutered by turn three and eliminated by turn four.  Are you aware that planes only hit submarines on a 1 if they are they are attacking without any naval units (transports excluded) present? Try sending out one naval unit (perhaps an escort or destroyer) with one fighter. You will find you can quickly clear the seas and the German player will cower his subs away. I suspect that this issue has more to do with tactics. The reason why planes hit on a 1 when firing at submarines without navy units present is not to strengthen submarines. You are right they are strong enough. This rule is to prevent air power from dominating every aspect of the game. Fighters in my opinion are the best unit for your buck in the game. I’m simply trying to limit their power in order to increase tactical diversity.

    I am open to suggestions on the subject with the condition that clearing the Atlantic requires something more challenging than simply buying lots of fighters.

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    just make them hit on a 2 like in AARHE. allow only dedicated ASW units to be able to roll this:
    and latter fighters from carriers

    but they must roll for search locating at 2 to find subs first, unless subs decide to attack another round (which makes detection automatic)

    you can borrow our rules we don’t care.

  • The reasoning to keep the subs makes sense.  Fighters can get too strong.  I’ll have to try new tactics to clear the Germans in the Atlantic.  I think keeping them as is makes sense right now.  If I have a brilliant idea, I’ll share it 😉

    Here are a couple of items for consideration:
    Change Strategic Bombing - Our group just doesn’t bomb because its not worth the cost.  Using basic bombing rules, you do an average of $3.5 damage and lose an average of $2.5 (1/6th chance of losing a $15 bomber).  This is slightly worth bombing.  With the extra fighter escorts, there are more loses due to AA guns.  If there are defenses fighters, it tips even more in the scale of the defender.  I love the way the new Axis and Allies Anniversary edition does bombing:

    • Strategic bombing now functions drastically differently. Every strategic bombing “hit” reduces the unit production capacity of that industrial complex by 1. Hits are scored in the traditional manner, i.e. each bomber that survives AA fire rolls 1 D6 and applies that many hits. Once the damage to an industrial complex equals the value of the territory it is in, that industrial complex can no longer produce units. For example, if an industrial complex in Germany (a 10 IPC territory) is bombed for 6 damage, it can only produce 4 units a turn until repaired. Damage to industrial complexes can be repaired for 1 IPC per damage point. Each industrial complex can receive damage up to double the value of the territory it is in, i.e. up to 20(!) damage for Germany.

    This fits the GW mechanics perfectly.  Money placed on that industrial complex is the only money that can be used for repair to that Industrial complex.  I think this rule change would make bombing more strategic and simplify the rules at the same time.

    Weaken Italy - I think Italy is monstrously strong.  They always take Africa without trouble, and often develop a large navy that can be moved out of the Med to protect Fortress Europe.  Reducing their starting units by a tank and artillery would be fair.  This might just be our game group, I would be interested in what others have seen playing Italy.

    Shore Bombardment - Some games limit the number of naval ships that can bombard a coast to the number of units landing on the amphibious invasion.  I like this rule, however, we are evenly split in our gaming group.  I like it because it means you can’t just drop off 1 infantry and get 8 Battleship Bombards.  On the other hand, the argument is that if you drop off 1 infantry, they can spot and call in fire for all the battleships, so it should be allowed.  Just a point for thought.

    USSR / China liberation - Some games make it so that the USSR and China never liberate territory.  If China or Russia conquer any territory from the Axis it becomes their territory regardless of the original owner.  This is somewhat more historical.  I think its a fun rules.  Again, our gaming group is split on this one.  The argument against is that it is another exception to the rules to remember and doesn’t really change much.  Just a point for thought.

    Technology Development - After playing again, I agree the technology development chart gets cluttered.  I really like the mechanic, but haven’t thought of a good way to reduce the clutter yet.

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    Stratagic Bombing Rules seem instering. It seems more like real history. I also suspect it benifits the bombing player much more than the revised A&A did. however the defender will have the advantage of postponding repair payments. I’ll have to give it a try. Im curious. you said that these rules came from the aniversity edition. where did you get a copy of the rulebook. is it avaiable somewere?

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    it is not available. If it was- one second latter i would post it here in these forums. Thats like the holy grail around here for the next 2 months

  • While the rules for the Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition are not available, the game was played at GenCon recently.  I read about the strategic bombing on a review at Board Game Geek from someone who played at GenCon.  You can read it here:

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  • Any news on the updates to version 3.25 or 3.3?

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    This variant looks great!  Is there anyway to download the map file without having to sign up to the downloading service?

    Can’t wait to give it a try… great work!

    EDIT: Don’t worry got the map.  Thanks!

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    currently the only way to get Global Conflict is through the link at mediashare. I will be uploading the latest version this weekend. This update mainly clarifies rules and fixes some typos as well as updates the graphics a bit.

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    mediafire is better.

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    Version 3.3 Complete Packet just released (graphics require Power Point 2007) Conflict

    New Screenshots of Axis & Allies Global Conflict Setup

    for details see first entry in this forum.

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    Do you guys still use 123print? I got a “take down this link” notice and was wondering if I should see if they want to advertise or find a competitor to advertise.


    To print, it depends on how much money you want to spend.  I print on a vinyl banner from  It cost about $140.  To print at a minimum cost, break the map up to many 8.5x11 sheets and tape them together.


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    I did not us this company to print mine so I can’t say. Actually I haven’t played this in some time.  Not that it doesn’t work. It’s just global is better. I have no intensions to update this map. Take that however you like.

  • I haven’t had the need for a printed banner lately, but I would use them again when the need arises.


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    Is this the same map as global 39? or close?

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    Is this the same map as global 39? or close?

    No. This map is based on the old AAE and AAP. At the time I wanted a way to play both maps seemelessly. AAG40 acomplished the goal of this project, albeit in a slightly different way. Therefore, this map has been mostly forgotten since then.

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