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    I have redone the original Milton Bradley map but allowing for a number of small changes which contains elements of the original NOVA games edition, but using original sea zones. Also created a number of event cards ( which ill post latter) and these rules which add a little flair on the old classic. They have been playtested and the game seems to work fine. The map file is 675MB and is double size the original MB map (60x36 inches) so i cant provide a file. Ill look for a site that allows larger file transfers and provide a link soon.  The map has the normal setup printed right on it, but i added a few artillery and destroyers… additional units need to be built. The IPC values are the same as MB but a few changes have been made, and of course i left it so you can employ the normal strategies on the first turn. Additional units are not effecting these battles on turn one ( except at Hawaii, where Japan has a destroyer to attack, and US has a Destroyer to counter if they choose too. Lastly, UK has a destroyer off India w/transport, while Japan also has a destroyer in range.

    I have to post the new tech player aid, which is also completed. the game now has 12 technologies.

    Classic Axis & Allies: Special Rules

    Germany starts with advanced tank design ( her tanks defend at 3)

    Germany receives economic aid of one IPC each from Sweden and Spain as long as they are not under Allied control.

    Germany can build one Submarine at 6 IPC each turn.

    Up to four German tanks can be built as SS Panzers and attack and defend at 4, cost 6 IPC, but only one can be built per turn.

    German, British and American Bombers can elect to conduct “night- bombing” which makes their bombers SBR at ½ values, but no AA gun is used.

    One Japanese fighter and or Destroyer can be built for 8 IPC per turn. Additional cost 10 IPC.

    Up to two Soviet fighters can attack land targets at 4.

    American player can build one Transport each turn for 6 IPC. Additional cost 8 IPC

    The American or British player cannot send naval units in the Baltic unless they control Norway and Western Europe.

    The Soviet player can build up to two armor at a cost of 8 IPC each turn. Additional still cost 5 IPC each.

    Americans can invade with infantry designated as “marines” that attack at two on the first round only.

    British and American units of any type are not allowed in any Soviet controlled territories. Soviet units can liberate territories that have been captured by Axis forces, and  they keep the IPC value except Chinese territories.

    All standard units and values from revised AA are used even if some of these are not starting in the games setup.
    The following new units can be built each turn:
    -Mechanized Infantry: attack/defend at 2, move 2, cost 4. These units can blitz like tanks.
    -Artillery: attack and defend at 2, move 1, cost 4. They boost Infantry units with a +1 attack modifier.
    -Destroyers: attack/defend at 2, move 2, cost 10. They can perform ASW rolls
    -Cruisers: attack/ defend at 3, move 2, cost 15 (take 1 hit). They can perform ASW rolls. Also they get one free roll against attacking planes hitting at 1 before first round of combat.

    • Fighter-Bombers/ Interceptors: attack at 3, defend at 2, move 2, cost 8. These are short range aircraft and have a special ability: ON attack they can SBR at ½ rate rounded down. ON defense they can assist in the defense of attack territories if adjacent and defend at 2. They are just placed in the attacked territory.

    The following units have changes:
    • Carriers cost 16 IPC- They can carry any combination of up to 2 fighters, or fighter-bombers
    • Fighters cost 10 IPC
    • Battleships cost 20 IPC and take two hits; damage is repaired by D6 at sea zone adjacent to factory.
    • American and British bombers cost 13 IPC but only one at this price can be built per turn.

    Event Cards: Each side Axis and Allies draws one card per turn. Cards can be saved but no more than 3 cards can be saved in total. Each card explains what you need to do. You can never play more than 3 cards in a turn.

    Russia Restricted: The Soviet player cannot make any attacks on his first turn. All other turn functions are possible.

    D-Day: Once per game Both UK and USA can combine Movement and Combat phases of their respective turns. All other turn phases are performed as independent turn functions.

    Atlantic Sea invasions can only take place from adjacent land territories separated by one sea zone.

    Sea Invasion exceptions: Normally the Allies cannot invade France unless they stage in England (using the one sea zone rule for invasions), However, Norway cannot be invaded unless the Allied player rolls a 6. Spain can be invaded as well as Africa from England even if its two sea zones away. The Soviet player cannot perform any invasions. In the Pacific and Indian oceans there are no restrictions on sea invasions.

    Technology rules are used except there are 12 different technologies; the active player pays 5 IPC and tries to roll a 6, and if successful rolls another die to try to get one of the first 6 technologies, or rolls a second die and adds the result to attempt the second tier of technologies. Technology is acquired and can be used on the same turn. Technology types are printed on the map file.

    Fighter Escort: Fighters can escort bombers performing SBR runs up to their range, while defending fighters and Interceptors can attempt one round of air combat. (Use AA Europe rules).

    Air combat values: In all air to air combat air hits are only allocated against other air units before another unit can be chosen. The official combat values are in all non- Air to Air interactions. The following are air to air combat values:

    1. Fighters 3
    2. Fighter-Bombers/ Interceptors 2
    3. Bombers 1  ( if you have heavy bombers the defense is two)
    4. Jet Fighters 4 (technology required).

    Retreats in Combat: normally only the attacker may retreat. However, the defender may retreat air units and Mechanized Infantry and Armor types after any complete combat round. Units that retreat cannot fire in the following round of combat if any.

    Special Armor attacks: Your armor that moved one space only during the combat movement phase can perform a second attack during non-combat movement. These can only be made up of land units that have two movement point capability. They may conduct an attack but only using those units and unassigned air units.

    Neutrals can be invaded, but you must defeat them.  They have armies raised as the result of a roll of two D6 allocating IPC to purchase units and controlled by the opposing coalition. Spain and Turkey get five D6 rolls. The conquered neutral gives the printed IPC to the owning player.
    Note: Turkey is adjacent to Eastern Europe for land movement purposes. Norway is adjacent to Karelia for movement purposes but you cannot attack it from Karelia.

    Finland defense: The Soviet player making attacks on Finland require two hits for each unit defending due to the training of the Finnish troops.

    Manpower Shortages: No player can spend more than 50% of his income on infantry in any turn.

    New Transport rules: You can invade into two different enemy territories from one transport (bridging is allowed). You can also do this during non-combat movement. Artillery or Mechanized Infantry counts as infantry for transport capability. So you can transport 2 infantry, 2 Artillery, 2 Mech. Infantry or 1 Armor.

    No naval occupation: You cannot deny naval placement if you control the sea zone adjacent to enemy factory.
    Planes can be placed on carriers if on an adjacent sea zone and not used in combat or directly on the carrier if they are newly purchased planes. You cannot land planes on Carriers that are controlled by other players.

    Submarine interaction: All combat involving submarines is handled first. Submarine combat sequence:

    1. Submarines fire first strike attack at 2 or less. Hits are allocated and removed from play.
    2. If ASW units are present the subs lose their first strike capability for each matching submarine to ASW unit
    3. ASW units each now roll 2 or less to locate the subs, if at least one roll is 2 or less all enemy subs are located.
    4. Submarines now roll out hitting at 2 or less
    5. ASW units now roll out hitting at 2 or less
    6. Loses in both cases are removed from play. If any submarines exceeding ASW units are still present, they may fire first strike.
    7. Submarines may submerge or retreat or continue for another round.
    8. Note: the sub is automatically considered located by ASW units if it hits any ships and decides to try to attack a second time.

    Lend Lease: USA only can lend lease up to two D6 worth of income each turn to Soviets. This is deducted from US totals.

    Industrial Complex: No new factories except India, South Africa, Egypt, Manchuria, Eastern Europe, France, or Canada.

    Losing your home territory: When a capital falls you lose only saved income and the actual income of the territory, not all the income… so you may still built stuff in other factories.

    Battleships are repaired on D6, but if you roll 6 you have to pay the result of another roll of a D6.
    Battleships are only repaired in sea zones adjacent to factories. If you acquire the technology for Super Carriers follow these rules for repair.

    Placement of forces: You can place any number of infantry (that you’re allowed to build) in factories. Non-Infantry units can be built at the limit of the IPC value of territory that contains a factory. Enemy occupied territories and factories are limited to half rounded up in both categories. Lastly, for each transport lined up from each connecting sea zone from any of your factories to a controlled or allied territory, you may place up to one non-infantry unit, or two infantry units free. Example: If you got 3 transports off eastern USA, Atlantic, and off the coast of England, you can place units normally going to the Eastern USA factory and instead place 6 Infantry or 3 Armor in England.

    Strategic Military Buildup: Normally each nation builds forces suited to conduct immediate campaigns, however many types of military hardware are being constructed by the industrial military complex. Each nation receives an IPC reserve total which is spent each turn by a D6 result. Each turn a player allocates this income to buy only naval or air units. The result that is rolled can be saved, but you must have enough IPC to buy the unit. The Allies receive 3 dice (one for each nation) and the Axis receives 3 dice (one for each nation, plus a third die that can go to Germany or Japan). Each nation has a reserve as follows:

    Soviet Union: 24
    Germany: 60
    U.K.: 36
    Japan: 40
    U.S.A.: 40

    Once the reserve is used up after a number of turns the die roll is ended in each nation’s case.

  • and you want me to give you a + karma for this ?  😮

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    yes exactly!

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    New Technology Chart:


    Axis event cards: (18 total) 8.5x11 (6 cards per sheet)



    Allies event cards: (18 total) 8.5x11 ( 6 cards per sheet)



    Ill probably make 24 cards for each side so its not done.

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    this is a custom score sheet to keep track of IPC spent and lost.

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  • You cut Caucasus into two territories, but not Eastern Europe, why not ?

    I like you cut China into 3 territories, but now the short route is become longer than the long route, so you need to add some more Eastern USSR territories as well.

    Italy and China share the income-sheet ? They are like one player ?  😮

    ooh, and one more + karma for the outstanding painting job, those pics was nice

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    The map is the work of another person, but i modified his work, he was trying to make the Nova games edition map using the milton bradley map, and i thought it would be a neat idea to take that dynamic and add some tweeks

    You cut Caucasus into two territories, but not Eastern Europe, why not ?

    Its a trick to take the EE/ Karelia pressure away…you see Germans can now send the whole army south to Causasus, forcing the Russians the leave karelia, because the infantry cant move 2 spaces, so its got a new dynamic to it now.

    I like you cut China into 3 territories, but now the short route is become longer than the long route, so you need to add some more Eastern USSR territories as well.

    Yes but Japan can still, so by way of india, or north from manchuria and its just like OOB… its got one speed bumb now.
    China must have more territories.

    Italy and China share the income-sheet ? They are like one player ?

    No their is no Italy, the score sheet can be used for other games in case Italy is in it. Its not in this game…so your just using China.

  • Very nice IL.

    The rules and cards are intriguing.

    I see you have those 15mm OldGlory miniatures painted up nicely.  Thanks for the photos!

    What kind of disks are you mounting them to?  I had been using a 1/4" washer, but I like yours better because they don’t seem to have a hole in the middle that I had to worry about covering.

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    These are those washers in 3/4 that i posted earlier…painted so its easy to identify nation

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