The War Game - Massive Axis and Allies Variant


    I’ve played the creater of “The War Game” at Gencon and built a map to play with friends locally.  This variant uses a 6’ x 3’ map with advanced rules.  Check out the web site.  If anyone wants to play, I’m in the Kansas City area 🙂

    Some of the differences:
    Naval pass through - If you win a naval battle in the first round, continue moving
    Combined Arms - Bonus to attach and defence when infancty and tanks attack/defend together
    Air Defence - Fighters can move 1 space on defence to join combat in the second round

    This is by far my favorite strategic level war game.


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    I know him for many years and was one of the playtesters on that game. I also helped on the maps artwork. Jeffs game also has pieces and will be produced hopefully this year, but he said that last year. I hope it works out. The final game will be about $120.00 including pieces. Make sure you buy a copy because the first run is only 2000 prints

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  • No convoy zones and US units in nazi uniforms, in fact the Russian units had nazi uniforms too, I actually think that all infantry had nazi uniforms. I guess I buy the game and cannibalize the units as Italians for my Revised game

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    Look here… the guy is just starting out. The first run of 2,000 copies will just have german units… latter version will have all national units… give it time it will happen. Dont complain. what do you want for $99.00. The map is 60 x 30 and its got like 400 pieces and D12’s…

  • @Imperious:

    Look here… the guy is just starting out.

    That is no excuse for not having any convoy zones

  • @Adlertag:


    Look here… the guy is just starting out.

    That is no excuse for not having any convoy zones

    sure it is, just look at other companies, when microsoft started out, it had bugs through out it’s products…. wait a minute…uh, never mind.

  • @Adlertag:


    Look here… the guy is just starting out.

    That is no excuse for not having any convoy zones

    Maybe the game developers didn’t like convoy zones? I don’t see how you can not like a new set of rules just because it is lacking one rule. Maybe they have other rules that improve the game in different ways. Maybe you could add the convoy zones. There’s nothing saying that you can’t include or disregard any rule in any expansion. I plan on getting a copy when the game goes on sale. I’m sure me and my group will come up with a set of house rules that we like.

  • 2007 AAR League

    That game looks very nice.

  • Is there any word on when this game will be released? Also, does anyone know if there will be plastic pieces available seperately for the first 2000 people that buy the game? I wouldn’t mind getting all German pieces if there would be an option for buying pieces for the other countries at another time.

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    I recently met with larry the producer of the game and Jeff. The box artwork is done and that was the final hurdle. The game will cost $120.00 and the map will be 80x40 and feature 6 D12, rules, player set up sheets, and over 500 plastic pieces. 1400 copies are coming from china and a further 600 are in china. Once the first load is sold the balance will fill in. Only 2000 print run. Everything is a go on this and it looks like 1-2 months away from release.

    I helped playtest this over the years and helped work on the map . Its a work of art. Many of the ideas that my gaming groups play with have very similiar systems to what thie game has.

    pieces will not be made availible for seperate purchase. Just buy the game you cant go wrong. I took some pics of a game i played today… and will post latter.

  • Naah… I just wait one more year until I get nation specific pieces. That sub was never to my liking anyway, looks like it surfs on top of the waves, and not under the waves where it belong. I do love the me 262 piece though

  • What I will probably do then is use all the pieces that come with the game for Germans and Italians. I should be able to get enough spare pieces for the other countries from Imp Games, Xeno games, Milton Bradley, and Avalon Hill. I can get special units (rockets and such) from any 1/300 or 1/285 manufacturer. It’s still a shame that there are only German pieces. They look great, but I’d like to see pieces for the other countries come with the game.

  • Does anyone know the breakdown of those 500 plastic pieces? How many Wehrmacht infantry, SS infantry, battleships, etc? It would be advantageous for me to know so I can get a jump on buying enough pieces for the US, UK, Japan, USSR, China, and France. Imperious Leader, you seem to be in the know. Do you have any idea on how many of the specific units we’ll get with the set?

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    all i can say is its over 500 pieces. including Italy and China and france… The game starts with a 41 version and a 39 will be availible online. I will be a moderator for its new forum and soon we can all chat on it.

    I talked at length with the producer and he is going with a few runs of 2,000, before even considering taking further steps and making new molds. So if you plan on waiting for specific american infantry ‘molds’  and such, then you will be waiting years…

    Just buy 2 copies of this game. It will have the largest map of any game ever made. $120.00 is a drop in the bucket for what your getting in return. Go download the rules. they are available. I think you should buy 2 because you will be able to sell the second copy for double of what you paid… remember 2,000 copies are going to sell fast… and the next print will take like 6 more months to get it to market.

    buy a few more D12 as the game only gives you 6, and use your chips from AA if you run out.

    and dont worry about “how many of each type do you get” you will get enough of all types so its not like revised AA… these people play AA and understand about the Japanese tanks issue in that game and got you covered.

    THe fact that the pieces are all german actually becomes less important after a few games. I am a piece junkie like many here and it does not even bother me anymore. The pieces are actually very nice. Note that the game comes with optional pieces:  elite infantry ( different pose)  and heavy tanks ( maus supertank)

  • Well the big reason I wanted to know how many of each piece you get is because I have a hang up of using German pieces for anybody but Germany and maybe Italy. I wanted to go ahead and buy pieces for the US, UK, USSR, China, and France so I’d have them by the time I bought this game.

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    I will call Jeff and ask him

  • Do we have a release date yet, or is it still “late Summer”? I understand that there was a problem with the setup cards in China. I’m getting very anxious for this game to come out.

  • Oh, and are the playing pieces roughly the same size as regular A&A? Looking at how huge the gameboard is, the pieces might be a bit big.

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    They are fine for the actual game. They are large for axis and allies except the tiger tank, soldiers, and naval units.

    Also, their is no issue with the China setup sheets. everything is ready to go in probably (90%) next 45-60 days. Just buy a couple of copies. I am quite sure this game will sell out faster than the rolling stones. 2,000 copies is nothing for a production game and the delay for the second printing will be at least 6 months so get em while its out.

    Of course i have house rules for this game but that will come latter…

    all you need to worry about is a table thats at least 40 x 80 inches wide.

  • I wasn’t refering to the China setup sheets. The setup sheets were made in China. When they got to Cali, they were warped. It sounded like they had that problem mostly taken care of though.

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    They are all “warped” and its a slight curve in the cardboard and is of minor importance. It actually makes them easier to pick up. The main thing is the maps are perfect and where not exposed to the heat during transit from China. That was a concern last year BTW.

  • WTF, no halftracks ?

    I see no halftracks ?

    I see standing inf and walking inf, light tank and heavy tank, regulare artillery and rocket artillery, fighters and jet fighters, small factories and big factories and so on.

    But I am not able to see any halftracks, so do I need glasses ?

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    dude … read the rules… they will explain everything to you.

    Infantry are of two types elite and regular

    Tanks are regular and heavy tanks

    Artillery have the same

    Major and minor factories ( majors build 10 units of any type and 1/2 value for occupied) (Minors build only 2 units of any type and no BB, CV or bombers)

    mechanized infantry are not represented… consider elite infantry mechanized or tanks mechanized.

    also… the advanced game has alot of additional units and those rules will be offered on the site when the game comes out.

    The map and pieces are worth $120.00 alone… you cant even print a 80 x 40 hardbound map for that price. Play the game first and then lets hear your gripes…

  • If half tracks are such a big deal, then why not use Table Tactics or other pieces and come up with house rules to use them? I’m sure I’ll be adding house rules and additional pieces to the game. I’ve done it with every other A&A game and expansion I’ve owned.

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