Most valuable add-ons for "quality of life" improvements?

  • Hey everyone!
    I am not sure if this is the correct “sub-forum” to post my question(s). Moderators: Please feel free to move my post to the appropriate location.
    I have recently rekindled my interest in Axis & Allies by purchasing A&A Europe &A&A Pacific 1940 second edition. I have had the good fortune of playing a bunch of times in the past few months.
    I remain amazed at all of the custom pieces and enhancements available for online ordering from various third parties.
    I am interested in some playing piece customizations, but I am not prepared to spend upwards of $500 on fancy customizations.
    Instead, I was considering purchasing a few select add-ons and customizations that will help make the board less cluttered, more manageable, and hopefully speed up game play a bit.
    I know there are a lot of options, but it seems like adding aircraft stands, carrier magnets, and maybe capital ship damage markers may be the most useful/valuable enhancements. Also maybe doing something to easily distinguish destroyers from cruisers.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on the few most valuable, worthwhile “quality of life” improvement parts for the Global 1940 game?

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    @greyleaf3 unless you also ascribe to the notion that House Rules are necessary to include: Airborne, Fortifications, Light Carriers, etc than no.

  • @imperious-leader : So your basically saying, you don’t have any additional suggestions for “high value” game-piece additions or modifications in the absence of house rules new unit types?

    To be honest, I think the base 1940 global, europe, and pacific games are complex enough without House Rule add-ons. Even house rules like national advantages (from A&A revised) are a little too much to keep track of for me and my game-mates.

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  • @greyleaf3 Probably quite late to the party on this one, but a few items I have been thinking about for “quality” improvements that are simple include the following

    • Different colored chips for higher value-while I don’t find running out to be super common, I have ordered some blue chips that will hopefully interlock with the existing ones to serve as a 10 value chip (yay big battles)

    • More Dice-I am looking at getting more dice so that even large battles can be rolled quickly, and perhaps to allow each player to have their own set

  • I would say a decent set of poker chips to replace the paper money or paper bookkeeping.

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